Cresta named one of America’s most promising AI companies by Forbes
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Cresta's intelligence layer for customer conversations helps SaaS companies build enduring customer relationships.

It's a marathon, not a sprint.

With SaaS, customer can churn at any point. For this reason, teams must take the long view when it comes customer relationships. Cresta’s real-time guidance helps SaaS teams offer expert care at every touchpoint.

How we help SaaS organizations

Make every interaction count.

Handle more volume

Quickly onboard, train, and retrain teams to accommodate changing demand and market conditions.

Instantly answer customer questions

Immediately respond with recommended answers that are proven to convert.

Sell solutions not products

Uncover customer needs, overcome objections, and identify product bundles that demonstrate value.

Iterate on solution offerings

As products and promotions change, Cresta enures teams are enabled with the latest products and offerings.

Understand your customers

Conversational insights highlight customer sentiment, buying preferences, and emerging trends.

Drive retention

Help teams overcome objections and empathize with customers to retain customers.

Real results with Cresta

Transformational change for a Top-5 SaaS company

“We want to turn shoppers into buyers. Our big measure is conversion rate. With Cresta, we were able to see a big lift and put a number to it.”
Sales Leader, Top-5 SaaS company


conversion rate in 5 weeks


Remote operations with Cresta

Recent events have introduced new customer demands for SaaS organizations. Teams are adapting on the fly and rethinking how they deliver value to customers.

Cresta is helping SaaS teams adapt to their new normal and deliver during times of change. Learn how Cresta can help remote SaaS teams deliver with consistency

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“The fact that new hires are reaching the floor average after just 5 weeks is pretty darn amazing!”

Sales Executive, Top-5 SaaS company

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