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October 29, 2020

Engineering Manager, Surfaces Team (APAC)

Full-Time · APAC (Remote) · Engineering ·

Thank you for considering opportunities at Cresta! We are actively hiring this role during COVID-19 pandemic. We run a lean team and have always made only essential hires. This has put us in a fortunate position of financial stability during a time of great uncertainty. We will continue to operate this way and we will continue to hire selectively to build a strong and stable company that delivers a product that's needed now more than ever.

You will join a collaborative but highly autonomous working environment in which each member has a defined role with clear expectations, as well as the freedom to pursue projects they find interesting. Cresta is an early-stage enterprise AI startup with the mission of enabling everyone to start as an expert on the first day on the job. Spun out of the Stanford AI lab and chaired by Google-X founder Sebastian Thrun, and backed by Ben Horowitz, our team is composed of Stanford PhDs and top engineers and leaders from Google, Facebook, and other tech companies. Our AI is in production at multiple Fortune 500 companies and learning from millions of human conversations each year.

Cresta surfaces team is responsible for building and shipping integrations with a wide variety of chat and voice platforms to increase the market coverage of our product. We build infrastructure, frameworks, and systems that handle billions of messages across different platforms in a fault-tolerant way. We also partner with these platform providers to build Cresta technology into a wide range of surfaces.

What you'll do:

  • You will build and lead a team of top-notch engineers for our Surfaces squad.
  • You will operate the team to build the user interaction aspect of the AI product.
  • You will design and architect extensible systems to integrate with a wide variety of chat and voice platforms.
  • You will collaborate with stakeholders within the company (product, customer success, tech leaders) to drive the roadmap for Surfaces.
  • You will remove key roadblocks for the engineering challenges, and accelerate the progress on the roadmap.
  • You'll teach & mentor engineers of all levels.
  • You'll use your voice to advocate for the culture (engineering or otherwise) that you think our company ought to have.
  • You'll have technical ownership of one or more of our products, with the autonomy and trust to make significant technical decisions.

  • What we look for:

  • At least B.S. in Computer Science or other fields that involves coding.
  • Total 5+ years of industry experience, including 2+ years with direct management responsibility for a product team.
  • Experience working at a fast-growing startup.
  • Experience shipping web products with modern technologies such as React, GraphQL, Typescript.
  • (Preferred) Experience managing a distributed team.
  • (Preferred) Experience with products that involve integrations and partnerships with third-party SaaS providers.
  • A knack for distilling complex, nebulous problems down to their key elements.
  • A fierce commitment to the professional development of those junior to you.
  • A mind adventurous enough to have wild ideas, but pragmatic enough to know when to pursue them.
  • A systematic process for solving problems, with a commitment to continually improving that process.