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Why Customers Choose Cresta

No matter what your needs are, Cresta’s platform and capabilities can help you move the needle.

Outcome-based artificial intelligence

Our patented AI optimizes itself based on the business results you deem most important.

real-time coaching

Go beyond insights with coaching that actively guides agents to better outcomes.


Cresta's centralized expertise can be applied wherever you talk to customers.

Your Intelligence Layer for Customer Conversations

Cresta's Expertise AI centralizes intelligence and unlocks and shares expertise wherever you interact with customers.

Outcome-Based AI That Delivers Results Fast

Focused on sales improvement, cost savings, CSAT? Simply indicate your objectives and our patent-pending AI does the rest.

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Sell more, more often
Efficiently make customers happy
Save revenue with empathy and care

01 The Cresta Expertise Engine

At our core is the Cresta Expertise Engine. Cresta observes every customer interaction to uncover what Experts do differently and shares this Expertise through real-time assistance and business insights.

Outcome-based AI
1. Select an outcome
Indicate the set of metrics you would like to prioritize.
Moments Engine
2. Observe & Learn
Within days, AI observes every interaction to learn how to optimize customer interactions.
Real-time Engine
3. Act
Cresta’s AI puts insights into action, deploying the perfect type of assistance for each customer moment.
Live Analytics
4. Optimize
Insights and analytics offer transparency into how Cresta operates and delivers value. No more black box AI.
Real-time NLU
Semantic Search
Intent Detection
Continuous Learning

Runtime ML


One size does not fill all. Cresta personalizes coaching to each agent’s unique strenghts and weaknesses.


Cresta accurately transcribe 100% of calls with native transcription services or services like Google and Amazon.

Real-time NLU

A powerful Moments Engine understands conversational context in real-time.

Semantic Search

Cresta searches conversations for concepts, not words, to arm teams with the meaningful intelligence.

Intent Detection

The Moments Engine understands the intent and sentiment behind a conversation.

Continuous Learning

Cresta continuously optimizes and improves with each additional customer interaction.


Cresta’s end-to-end capability set helps teams continuously improve and optimize every interaction.


Personalized self-service experiences allow customers to quickly help themselves.

Agent Assist

Personalized coaching that’s trained by your top performers delivered in real-time.

Automated Coaching

Automated QA and conversation evaluations help managers more efficiently coach teams.

Business Insights

Live analytics show how agent performance directly impacts your top and bottom lines.


Intelligence is what matters. Cresta’s omnichannel approach lets you enhance your existing solutions with real-time intelligence, wherever you talk to customers.


Web Messaging

App Messaging


Email Messaging



Whether it's creating a CRM lead after a call or automatically searching your knowledgebase for answers, Cresta easily plugs in to your existing workflows.

Enterprise Services

Cresta takes time-to-value to heart. We go beyond the product to design and implement solutions that deliver results fast.


Cresta certifies our services against the strictest standards including SOC 2 Type II and PCI-DSS.

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Admin Controls

Managers and supervisors have controls to manage Cresta’s Expertise Engine and the agent experience.

Dedicated CSM

Success managers meet with customers weekly to guarantee impact and fast time-to-value.

Quarterly Business Reviews (QBRs)

Our Experts deliver quarterly briefings so customers can easily measure and review Cresta’s value.


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