Real-time intelligence for customer conversations

Enable amazing customer experiences by presenting agents with live prompts on the best thing to say during every customer conversation.

Cresta is a Select Tier partner for Amazon Connect and provides a seamless integration for quick setup. Please see our Amazon Partner page for more details.

Make Every Conversation Count

Increase Sales

Cresta applies AI to all aspects of the customer-agent interaction to drive more successful conversations. With Cresta’s support, agents can multiply their close rate, deal size, and increase customer retention.

Increase Efficiency

Cresta helps agents keep customers on proven sales paths and drive positive outcomes faster. The result is less time spent on each case, and more cases handled per agent.

Improve Coaching

Cresta makes coaching automated, continuous, and real time. The solution tracks each agent’s unique strengths and weaknesses, and progressively teaches critical skills that are proven to deliver better results.

How it works

With Cresta’s native integration with Amazon Connect, organizations can stand up the solution in days instead of months.

Cresta directly integrates into Amazon Connect utilizing Amazon Kinesis and Lambda functions to get real-time audio data which is then fed into our AI services to give real-time recommendations and workflow automations.


Start making the most of every customer interaction today!