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Your Team Just Got a Whole Lot Smarter

Cresta’s Real-Time AI amplifies the best practices of top performers and applies them across your team, guiding agents through customer conversations with coaching, assistance, and automation.

Detect Emotion

Connecting with customers is critical

Present agents with AI-generated, dynamic, and personalized behavioral coaching at the right moments in every call or chat. From identifying frustration and or other critical needs, help your agents sharpen their skills and expertly navigate every conversation. 



Smart Compose

Save 3-5 hours per week

Eliminate repetative tasks with polished, AI-generated reponses that are based on the most common replies from your top agents. With a press of a button, quickly auto-complete sentences, saving agents up to 5 hours per week.

Conduct Discovery

Uncover the “why?” with Cresta’s AI

Help your agents ask the right questions through an easy-to-use, guided experience with checklists. Empowering them with the ability to identify deeper issues and recognize trends, all while helping them feel confident and practice their skills.

Identify Opportunities

Drive conversion with Guided Workflows

Offer agents more support by providing step-by-step guidance. With rich and interactive workflows, agents can take the correct steps to activate promos or solve complex problems.

Knowledge Base Search

Access lightning-fast knowledge at your fingertips

Cresta allows agents to search across all of their knowledge bases quickly to find the perfect answer, product or process for each task, helping them resolve questions faster.

Overcome Objections

Sell and retain with confidence

Learned from conversation models from top agents, suggested responses help agents respond faster while remaining compliant with your business. Choose from AI-generated responses to say the right thing at the right time, while staying on brand and increasing revenue.

Automate Note Taking

Let us do the work for you

Cresta identifies critical information and automatically extracts it from real-time transcripts to help agents with note-taking and post-call tasks. Notes include detailed contact info, keyword-based entities, competitive info, and more.

Live Assist

Help agents when they need it most

Some conversations are harder than others. Live Coaching lets agents ask for help. With one click of a button, managers can immediately send hints and encouragement to agents in real-time.



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