The contact center AI platform that’s trained on your data and built for enterprise scale

Cresta’s AI-native solutions are powered by state-of-the-art models and systems proven to deliver unmatched accuracy, quality, and real-time performance for the world’s largest contact centers.

Industry-leading transcription

The quality of the input determines the quality of the outputs. Cresta’s custom ASR modeling powers our platform with best-in-class >92% transcription accuracy.

Best-in-class model performance

Cresta’s customized, task-specific models achieve measurably superior results across contact center use cases, outperforming leading public LLMs by 10-15%.

Built for real-time at enterprise scale

Real-time AI simply doesn’t work when it’s a step too slow. Cresta is proven to scale with near-zero latency even in the largest enterprise deployments.

State-of-the-art AI models and systems

Custom transcription models built for your organization

Accurate transcription is the bedrock for AI performance. Cresta goes beyond vocabulary and keyword boosting, using customer-specific audio to create fully custom models that learn from base transcription errors to master each customer’s unique domain.

The right model for each contact center use case

Generic public models are too slow and expensive to meet contact center needs. Cresta’s bespoke, task-specific models provide the right balance of quality, latency, and cost, with each application and use case methodically optimized for the best possible results.

Models trained on your data for better results

Every business is unique. Cresta’s state-of-the art models are trained on your data to develop an advanced contextual understanding of your customers, agents, and processes. That means better performance on day one, with models that never stop learning and improving.

Real-time architecture that performs at enterprise scale

Latency can make or break any real-time AI deployment. Cresta’s AI is imperceptibly fast, with models and architecture optimized for speed, and proven real-time deployments up to Fortune 10 scale.

Meet Ocean-1

The first proprietary, domain-adaptive language model purpose-built for contact center expertise.

Outcome-driven AI that optimizes for KPI results

Discover unknown behaviors that impact conversation outcomes

Cresta’s semantic AI analyzes what’s really happening across your conversations, discovering previously unknown agent and customer behaviors, identifying situationally-specific best practices, and ensuring you always know what really works.

Quantify and prioritize the behaviors that move the needle most

Cresta correlates contextually-relevant agent behaviors to conversation-level outcomes—like closed sales, retained customers, average handle time, or solved support cases—quantifying their impact, so you can take targeted action where it really makes a difference.

Train, test, and deploy AI with clicks, not code

Train models with precision accuracy, no technical skills required

Cresta democratizes contact center AI with an intuitive human-in-the-loop AI trainer for creating and fine-tuning new generative intent models bespoke to your business. Trained on real historical conversations with clear accuracy benchmarks, business users can operationalize AI with confidence.

Turn AI models into powerful rules and workflows across the Cresta platform

Turn insights into action at the speed of your business with Cresta Opera, a no-code command center for building and backtesting rules, workflows and notifications that power personalized coaching, automated quality management, and real-time agent copilots.

Explore Cresta’s responsible AI principles and methodology


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