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Enable sales, care, and retention teams to be


Enable amazing customer experiences by presenting agents with live prompts on the best thing to say during every customer conversation.

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Using Cresta, agents were able to optimize their workflow, improve their response time, and increase their conversion rate.


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Make Every Conversation Count

Make Every Conversation Count

Every customer interaction is an opportunity to build or tarnish your brand. As the face of your brand, agents need to be enabled to deliver amazing customer experiences, especially in a remote world. However few approaches to enablement assist agents where it matters most, during the actual conversation. In fact, inconsistent agent operations can leave 52% of revenue on the table.

What if agents were guided during the key moments of every conversation?

Create Better Customer Experiences
Across The Customer Journey

Whether by voice or chat, Cresta helps agents perform better across the customer journey with live prompts on what to say and do at each turn of a conversation.

Increase Sales

  • Increase sales
  • Improve efficiency

Improve Customer Care

  • Improve satisfaction
  • Reduce handle time

Drive Retention

  • Reduce churn
  • Save more revenue

AI That Turns Every Agent Into Your Best Agent

Cresta continuously learns what top agents do differently and scales those behaviors across entire teams.

Work Smarter, Faster

Live prompts and personalized coaching presented during each conversation help every agent perform like a top-performer.

Real-time Agent Assist

Cresta uses advanced AI to present real-time coaching and expert responses during conversations.

Automate Repetitive Work

Automate tasks like lead and ticket creation so agents waste less time manually entering data.

Record Every Conversation

Cresta records and captures details from every conversation freeing agents to focus on the customer.


Coaching on Auto-Pilot

Cresta monitors every conversation, tracks agent performance and uncovers coaching opportunities so managers can spend more time coaching and less time reviewing transcripts.

Monitor Agent and Team Progress

Cresta monitors agent progress over time and recommends where to focus coaching efforts.

Consistency, Compliance, Control

Adjust and deliver live prompts that are consistent with your brand and coaching frameworks.

Onboard Agents Faster

Live coaching helps new agents perform like experts on day one and become fully productive in weeks.


Fast Time-to-Value

Cresta’s intelligence layer quickly integrates into your existing CRM, contact center, chat and voice solutions. Install in minutes and start seeing real results in weeks.

Start Seeing Results in 4 Weeks

Connect and Go in Minutes

Get connected to Cresta in minutes, and our AI immediately goes to work.

No Developer Time Needed

Cresta easily layers on top of existing tools without the need for developer effort.

See Real Results Fast

Intuitive UX makes onboarding a breeze. Start seeing measurable value in weeks.

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