Increase Sales Efficiency
and Effectiveness
with AI

Cresta for Sales helps your team build and follow bespoke playbooks that are proven to improve business outcomes and narrow the gap between top and bottom performers.

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The Generative AI Platform for Intelligent Contact Centers

Cresta’s integrated contact center intelligence products turn real-time insights into real-time actions that drive results.

Uncover & act on business insights

Get visibility into business trends as they emerge so you can make smarter and faster business decisions.

Drive robust coaching & quality assurance

Measure team performance on 100% of conversations and coach the performance gaps that matter.

Increase agent effectiveness & efficiency

Equip every agent with the AI-powered coaching and assistance they need to perform like a top performer.

Drive efficiency through automation

Strategically find and replace repetitive conversations with chatbots backed by customer insights.

“Cresta greatly reduced our agent ramp time, helped new agents to provide maximum customer value fast and led to increased CSAT and RPC.”

Julia Shea, Head of Vendor Sales & SMB Assist, Dropbox

“There has been about a 10 percent improvement in response time, conversion to sales and reduced session time. And the system keeps learning and getting better.”

Jim Lyski, EVP, for strategy, marketing and products, CarMax

“Cresta was a real game changer for us… better customer satisfaction, more purchases, higher conversion, more sales bonuses.”

Michael Hopkins, SVP, Sales and Services, Blue Nile

An Integrated Suite of Intelligent Products

AI coaching and assistance that makes every agent a top performer.

  • Makes agents more effective with behavioral coaching
  • Automates repetitive tasks and quickly finds answers
  • Continuously learns and improves over time

Real-time customer intelligence that you can instantly put into action.

  • Instantly answer critical business questions
  • Uncover customer trends in real-time
  • Put insights into action with a few clicks

AI-enabled coaching, QA and performance management.

  • Get 100% visibility into team performance
  • Instantly identify top performers
  • Coach and QA 4x faster

Automate only the right use cases, let your people handle the rest.

  • Discover the best conversations to automate
  • Uses agent best practices to inform chatbot design
  • Full-service design and implementation

Proven to Deliver Results

Our patented Real-Time Intelligence Engine surfaces and amplifies behaviors that are proven to move the needle.

increase in CSAT
lower AHT
saved per week
reduction in ramp time

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