Increase retention more efficiently with contact center customer retention solutions

Poorly-managed retention conversations in revenue-generating contact centers cost millions of dollars every year in lost revenue and wasted expense.

Cresta’s Contact Center Customer Retention Solutions help discover behaviors of the top performers in your contact center that drive customer retention, and turn them into an actionable playbook that works at scale. Learn how Cresta’s product suite helps increase customer retention before, during and after the conversation.

Cresta’s proven formula for increased contact center customer retention performance

Real results with Cresta

Cox increased customer retention by 10-20% and net revenue for retention by 4-6%.

Holiday Inn Vacations

Holiday Inn saw 30% increase in conversion while cutting agent attrition in half.

A leading media company increased their save rate by 3.2% while reducing AHT by 6 seconds.

“I love hints, they allow me to do my job
now that I can’t sit next to agents every day“

Rich Joos, Retention Manager, Cox
not just efficiency

Understand and drive behaviors that lead to real business outcomes like retained and upsold customers, as well as optimizing efficiency metrics like AHT and cost to retain.

Empowered coaching

Individualized coaching plans for every agent, generated by AI, informed by adherence, sentiment, and outcomes data from every single conversation that agent has.

Generative AI innovations

You don’t need to be an AI expert to leverage the latest in generative AI technology for better retention. Enjoy AI-generated conversation maps, suggested responses, auto-summaries, and more.

Fast time-to-value

Get up and running in weeks, not months. Our conversational AI experts will help you design, test, and implement conversations, and empower you with no-code tools to make changes and adjustments.