Sales intelligence solutions to drive greater outcomes with AI

For sales teams struggling to achieve the results they’re after, Cresta’s AI-powered solutions unlock a new level of sales performance

Boost sales performance with AI

Cresta increases sales efficiency and effectiveness, closing the gap between top and bottom performers with a proven approach to high-velocity sales. Discover how Cresta helped a global hospitality brand generate 60% more revenue per lead and enabled a large telco business to increase revenue by nearly 10%.

Leverage Cresta sales performance intelligence to transform every agent into a top seller, improving the outcomes that matter most with a winning system for high-velocity sales.

A three-step approach to high velocity sales

With Cresta sales intelligence solutions, managers and agents can improve revenue performance in record time. Cresta’s three-step approach helps teams discover winning sales behaviors, determine whether those sales behaviors are being followed, and reinforce those behaviors in real-time with real-time guided selling.

Discover winning sales behaviors

Determine which tactics and behaviors drive desired outcomes

Cresta identifies the key sales behaviors and tactics that actually drive revenue, powered by your own historical data with Outcome Insights. Topic Discovery and Leaderboards uncover the behaviors that set your top performers apart, while Opera and Coaching Simulator help you to develop and pressure-test playbooks built on your learnings. With a clearer understanding of what makes for a winning conversation, you can scale the most important behaviors to every agent.

Get visibility and measure impact

Gain insight into 100% of conversations and ensure key behaviors are followed every time

Cresta ensures adherence to winning behaviors across your entire team by providing visibility into every interaction. This allows managers to measure adoption across teams, but also to track the progress of individual agents and find opportunities to encourage growth. With this view of impact, you can learn, improve, and iterate on playbooks. At the same time, this enables a personalized approach to coaching and training for every agent.

Real-time guided selling

Coach every interaction with real-time coaching to improve business results

Leverage Cresta for personalized, in-the-moment coaching that ensures no opportunity is lost unnecessarily. Give agents the support and guidance they need exactly when they need it, empowering them to handle objections, assume the sale, and perform other key behaviors at the right time through features like guided workflows, hints, and suggestions. To ensure every agent’s full focus remains on the conversation, offload after-call work like summarization and note taking to Cresta. Make it easy for agents to apply winning behaviors to every conversation with the real-time support they crave.

Learn how customized sales performance intelligence strategies drive dependable outcomes

The gulf between top and bottom sellers in any business has a significant opportunity cost. By identifying the key behaviors of your top agents and scaling them to your entire team, you can generate more revenue and boost employee satisfaction. In our Sales Performance Gap eBook, we break down the sales performance gap, quantify its impact, trace its origins, and offer proven methods for addressing it.

Sales ebook

Why selling is a unique combination of both art science

Despite some opinions, success in sales isn’t all about experience or charisma; it requires tried and true best practices along with a healthy dose of flexibility.

The science of selling: Existing formula for closing the performance gap

While agents need the freedom to bring a personal touch to their conversations, they also need a winning framework to rely on, defined by proven behaviors.

The interplay of economic pressure, employee turnover, and emphasis on outcomes

With the talent wars raging and more focus than ever placed on financial performance, leaders need a way to drive specific outcomes.

The approach in practice: Real-life results from industry leaders

Across industries, Cresta has helped businesses achieve key outcomes by closing the sales performance gap with our proven approach to high-velocity sales.

Cresta unlocks the full value for your sales teams

With the help of Cresta sales intelligence solutions, your sales teams can achieve their full potential through three simple steps.


Discover top-performing 
sales behaviors
 and identify the tactics that actually drive revenue by examining your own existing historical data with Outcome Insights. Identify sales trends
 and better understand what sets your top performers apart with Topic Discovery and Leaderboards. From there, develop and pressure-test playbooks with Cresta Opera and Coaching Simulator, scaling best practices that are proven to deliver better outcomes for your customers and your business.

Coach in real time

Lead every conversation to the desired outcome as it happens 
with in-the-moment support from guided workflows, hints, suggestions, and more to automatically drive behavioral adherence in every interaction without creating extra work for managers. For tailored support, Cresta uncovers individual coachable moments and automates during and after-call work
 to take the guesswork out of follow-up and to free up agents’ full attention for the present conversation.

Measure impact

Gain visibility into 100% of conversations and measure adoption of established best practices to more accurately gauge the impact of key behaviors.
 And with enhanced visibility, managers can more easily ensure adherence across entire teams as well as on an individual level. Personalize coaching plans for agents’ individual needs with
real-time coaching
 to encourage their growth in a supportive, impactful manner. With no-code AI, put new insights into action as you improve and iterate playbooks.

Real results for real customers from Cresta sales intelligence solutions

Top companies across industries are using Cresta to enhance their sales teams. Learn how they’ve increased revenue by leveraging Cresta’s solutions.

A category leading retailer drove a 49% increase in average order size during the pandemic

A top five SaaS company achieved a 300% increase in revenue per agent with Cresta

Cox Communications unlocked $13.1 million in additional revenue by arming agents with Cresta

What makes Cresta different?

With a proven track record of helping customers achieve key results and an ongoing commitment to innovation, Cresta stands apart from other sales performance intelligence solutions.

Proven to improve efficiency and effectiveness

With Cresta, Holiday Inn Club Vacations saw a 300% lift in Home Internet Sales and managers now hold 4x more coaching sessions.

Real-time coaching tailored to your business

Proprietary AI tools and processes are designed to deliver custom, flexible AI models to your hands, unlocking tailored solutions that work in real time.

The most comprehensive real-time coaching solution on the market

Real-Time Coaching, Knowledge Assist, Auto Summarization & Note Taking, and more, Cresta’s real-time coaching capabilities are unmatched in driving sales outcomes.

Fast time-to-value

Despite being customized to your business, you can get up and running with Cresta in as little as 8-12 weeks, meaning you can start achieving better sales outcomes right away.

Supercharge your sales force

To learn more about how Cresta can boost performance, drive efficiency, and close the performance gap on your sales teams, schedule a call today.