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Cresta and Brinks Home

Brinks Home™ is one of the largest home security and alarm monitoring companies in North America. They sought to streamline and transform call center operations and substantially improve the agent experience and QA processes. Supported by Cresta’s team, Brinks Home was able to seamlessly integrate Cresta within their various contact center solutions, including their legacy on-premise technology.

Cresta’s CX promise

Julian Tiongson, Manager of Product Marketing at Five9 interviews Chris Reese, Director of Customer Value at Cresta at CCW 2023.

Cresta Virtual Agent Demo

Take the guesswork out of chatbot automation for the contact center. Cresta Virtual Agent helps you discover conversation reasons and behaviors, and automate conversations by leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) – the same generative AI technology behind revolutions like ChatGPT.

Cresta Opera Demo

Cresta Opera is the first no-code solution that lets anyone build powerful, flexible and dynamic AI powered logic in just a few clicks.

Cresta Insights Demo

With Cresta Insights businesses can extract customer insights from conversational data and instantly take action. Identify key trends, answer critical business questions, and uncover unknown unknowns, like why customers are calling in. Use these insights to make data-driven decisions and inform business and contact center strategy.

AI Coaching Demo

Cresta Agent Assist gives every agent their own personal AI-powered coach on every phone and chat conversation. That helps agents improve soft skills and follow proven best practices.

Smart Compose and Suggestions for Chat Demo

Eliminate repetitive tasks with polished, AI-generated responses that are based on the most common replies from your top agents. With a press of a button, quickly auto-complete sentences, saving agents up to 5 hours per week.

Auto Note Taking & Summarization Demo

Contact Center Agents spend a whopping one-third of call time on post-call activities, from writing notes and summaries to copy-and-pasting them into different applications. Meet Auto Summarization & Note Taking, and say goodbye to tedious tasks and After Call Work that are slowing down your agents.

Knowledge Assist Demo

Simplify knowledge management. Cresta Knowledge Assist unifies siloed knowledge bases into one powerful real-time experience. Our AI offers the right information at the right time, so contact center agents get the information they need to resolve customer issues fast.

Cresta Agent Assist Overview

Cresta’s Real-Time Intelligence amplifies the best practices of top performers across your contact center team, guiding agents through customer conversations with AI-powered coaching and key automations like Auto Summarization, Knowledge Assist, and more.

Cresta Director: Real-Time Visibility for Managers

Hear what customers are saying about Cresta Director, which provides real-time visibility of 100% of agents calls and chats in a contact center. Cresta lets you track agent performance, get alerts, provide live assistance, and more. Here how Blue Nile and Holiday Inn Club Vacations are using Cresta Director to drive better agent performance - and better customer experience.

Cresta Agent Assist: Real-Time Coaching

Hear what customers are saying about Cresta Agent Assist, which provides real-team coaching for agents in contact centers. Cesta learns the best practices of your top performers and then amplifies them across your entire team, improving overall performance. Here how Blue Nile and Holiday Inn Club Vacations are using Cresta Agent Assist to drive better agent performance - and better customer experience.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Holiday Inn Club Vacations is a resort, real estate and travel company with a mission to be the most loved brand in family travel. With 28 resorts in top travel destinations across the US, fostering Customer Obsession is a key strategic focus to grow their customer base and business.

Blue Nile Drives Better CX with Cresta

Blue Nile is the leading online retailer of diamonds and fine jewelry, helping their customers celebrate life's big and small moments. Hear how Michael Hopkins, SVP of Sales & Service, uses Cresta to help them delight their customers. He discusses how Cresta’s Agent Assist solution helped reduce ramp time, deliver real-time coaching and guidance, deliver real-time manager visibility, and increase sales conversions.