How Brinks Home saves time, cuts costs, and drives results with Cresta 


Brinks Home™ is one of the largest home security and alarm monitoring companies in North America. Headquartered in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Brinks Home provides best-in-class protection to over 1 million people through smart home security solutions backed by expertly trained professionals and an award-winning Alarm Response Center. The company has one of North America’s largest networks of independent authorized dealers and agents—providing products and support to customers in the U.S. and Puerto Rico—as well as professionally installed products and 24/7 monitoring.


With in-house agents as well as Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) solutions across multiple locations on various platforms, Brinks Home struggled with a lack of visibility across the organization. The complexity of dealing with various technologies also hindered their ability to undergo a full digital transformation without a substantial overhaul of their existing tech stack. “We were very reactive. We were very old school, very traditional in the sense of a customer call center,” explained Veronica Moturi, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Brinks Home.
They sought to streamline and transform call center operations and substantially improve the agent experience and QM processes. “A lot of our interactions weren’t consistent – customers would get a different answer from different agents. It was very complicated for us to manage, and it was also very complicated for the agent,” said Philip Kolterman, Vice President of Digital Transformation & Development.


Kolterman and his team ultimately decided to implement Cresta across the organization; “I saw the power of what Cresta could bring to an organization. I could see that Cresta would be a very strong tool to help us implement a digital transformation for the customer and the agent experience,” he explained. 

Supported by Cresta’s team, Brinks Home was able to seamlessly integrate Cresta within their various contact center solutions, including their legacy on-premise technology (read more about Cresta’s hardphone integration here). Cresta acts as the transformative “intelligence layer,” bringing unprecedented visibility and standardization to coaching and QM across hundreds of agents and multiple contact center locations. Due to their ability to transform their operations without the costly overhaul, they’ve seen an annual cost savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars. 

With increased visibility into customer calls and the ability to coach in real time, Brinks Home is able to train agents far more effectively, ensuring that they have the knowledge they need at the moment they need it. They also have new insight into customer behavior, allowing managers to customize their approach to coaching and create a far more consistent experience for agents and customers alike. “When calls spike, you’re always trying to figure out what happened. Prior to Cresta, we had to talk to supervisors, talk to managers. Now with the Cresta dashboards, we’re able to see what’s really driving abnormal activity,” Moturi told us. 


Cresta Quality Management

With AI-driven coaching plans and the ability to implement auto QM, managers save hours per week, giving them critical time back to focus on more strategic initiatives. 
The team has also been able to cut QM costs by 50%

“One of the values that I had underestimated is the automation for coaching and QM. Those have been powerful and certainly important to the long run success of our agents and our teams.”
Philip Kolterman, VP Digital Transformation & Development

Cresta Insights

Armed with the knowledge about why customers are calling and which behaviors have the biggest impact with customers, Brinks Home has been able to radically 
improve first-call resolution (FCR). They went from transferring 30% of their calls to a “best in class” 8% 
- a 73% improvement.

“It’s super difficult just having line of sight in what your agents are doing day in and day out. Cresta has opened that up. It’s night and day from where we were before.”
Veronica Moturi, SVP Customer Experience

Cresta Agent Assist

With Cresta Agent Assist, Brinks Home has improved visibility and coaching, ensuring that all customers have a consistent and positive experience. Agents using Cresta saw an 8% improvement in AHT just in the first six weeks post-implementation. After-call work has drastically decreased as well, saving 646 hours of typing time thanks to auto note-taking. 

“Cresta is all about is creating a consistent customer experience….we’re seeing good things across all our core metrics, average handle time going down, transfer rates going down, NPS going up, and ultimately overall call volumes going down.”
Philip Kolterman, VP Digital Transformation & Development