Unlock agent productivity with Cresta Agent Assist

Cresta’s real-time AI amplifies the best practices of top performers and applies them across your team, guiding agents through customer conversations with coaching, assistance, and automation.

The most comprehensive AI agent assist on the market

Make every agent your top performer

Provide agents with the tools they need to resolve customer issues on the spot, while reducing new employee ramp-up time and improving skill sets.

Make agents smarter and faster

Cresta analyzes and identifies areas for opportunity and sends live alerts to agents, empowering them to maximize their performance and increase conversion rates.

Turn insights into actions

Cresta uses AI to tailor coaching to every conversation, and aligns to the behaviors that drive the best outcomes for your customers and your agents.

Improve agent efficiency

Give your agents the most accurate, industry-leading features that not only save hours of repetitive tasks per week but help them focus on what matters most: your customers.

Automatic note taking and summarization

Cresta reduces post-call work by identifying critical information and automatically extracting and auto-filling the information to help agents focus on the customer.

AI suggested responses

Learned from conversation models from top agents, suggested responses help agents respond faster while remaining compliant with your business. Choose from AI-generated responses to say the right thing at the right time, while staying on brand.

Smart compose

Eliminate repetitive tasks with polished, AI-generated responses that are based on the most common replies from your top agents. With a press of a button, quickly auto-complete sentences, saving agents up to 5 hours per week.

Boost agent effectiveness

Let Cresta’s patented, real-time AI coach your agents in the moment so they can address customer issues like pros.

Real-time coaching and reinforcement

Present agents with AI-generated, dynamic, and personalized behavioral coaching at the right moments in every call or chat. By identifying frustration and other critical needs, help your agents sharpen their skills and expertly navigate every conversation.

AI powered hints and checklists

Empower your agents with the ability to identify deeper issues and ask the right questions through guided experience, resulting in sharper skills and increased confidence.

Raise hand and live assist

When a conversation gets tough, Live coaching is there to help. Agents can receive real-time guidance and support from their manager with the click of a button.

Lightning fast knowledge

Find and answer questions faster to improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and important metrics like FCR and AHT.

Knowledge search and assist

Cresta’s AI quickly searches across multiple knowledge articles and surfaces the best course of action during the conversation to help agents find the perfect answer, product, or process.

Guided workflows

Give agents more power by providing them with step-by-step guidance. With rich and interactive guided workflows, they can take the correct steps to solve complex problems or activate the most fitting promotion.

The most comprehensive agent assist AI available

Cresta agent assist AI offers a complete set of features that are proven to help agents work faster and smarter. Some of these features include:

Auto note taking

Auto summarization


Behavioral coaching

Behavioral reinforcement


Guided workflows


Knowledge assist

Live assist

Raise hand

Real-time redaction

Real-time transcription

Smart compose


and many more...

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