How Vivint and Cresta optimize the sales process and drive cost savings


Vivint provides smart home security systems and services to 2 million customers across the US. Vivint’s national inbound sales team handles roughly 60,000 calls every week; their two-step sales process begins with a sale over the phone and culminates in an installation appointment with a technician.

They needed a way to enhance coaching at scale in order to cut down on pre-install cancellations, increase lead-to-install conversion rates, and drive bottom-line revenue, which required greater visibility and more robust QA, including actionable insights.


A high rate of post-sale cancellations was driving unnecessary costs for Vivint, but their previous tool only enabled visibility into a small percentage of conversations. This created a four-day lag time in post-call corrections, making it difficult to uncover winning behaviors at all, let alone coach every agent to effectively implement them.

Frustrated with the labor-intensive nature and intuitive interface of their previous tool, Vivint was looking for a holistic platform capable of supporting QA analytics data tracking, manager coaching, and call listening from a single solution. That’s where Cresta came in.


Cresta and Vivint worked together to build custom rubrics that ensured they not only gained visibility into 100% of conversations, but also gained the ability to hold agents accountable to the behaviors that matter most.
Cresta enabled Vivint to automate many elements of their QA process, including call scoring, behavior tracking, and redaction of PII. As a result, managers had more time to focus on the elements of QA that required human attention, and agents gained the ability to self-coach with full access to their own calls and performance data. And Cresta’s user-friendly interface made it easy to uncover quick-win coaching opportunities.

With this enhanced visibility, Vivint mapped out common behaviors of top performers and automated the tracking of their sales process using Cresta. Through Opera, they built rules and flags for every part of the sales process—from validation to installation appointment.

Because Vivint wanted to cut down on pre-install cancellations, Cresta helped identify behaviors that had the biggest impact on cancellation rate, such as when agents performed a credit check, asked for the address, or gave pricing.
With their newfound insights, Vivint optimized their sales process by setting correct expectations for the installation appointment with a post-sale survey, which they automated with Cresta.


Cresta Director

With the ability to spot and coach conversations where key behaviors were not performed, Vivint raised install rates by 3%, translating to an additional 5,400 new subscribers for Vivint. With AI-driven coaching plans and scorecards, managers save at least 5 hours per week on automatable parts of the QA process, allowing them to spend more time coaching key behaviors.

“With keyword search and filtering, we were able to quickly identify behaviors not being performed… and it helped our conversions shoot up. We wouldn’t have been able to do it without the visibility Cresta gave from a large scale and individual as well.”
– David Sauer, Manager of Insides Sales

Cresta Insights

Armed with the knowledge about which behaviors have the biggest impact on cancellation rates, Vivint has decreased the number of truck rolls that do not result in an install, saving them $150 per roll. Custom Insights configurations reduce the volume of errant infractions, cutting down on supervisor workloads.

“Before, we could listen to 30 out of 5,000 calls/day – fewer than 1% of calls. Now, with Cresta, we quickly gain insights into a huge set of data to give us a really clear picture and allow us to make adjustments quickly.”

Cresta Opera

A custom configuration in Opera allows Vivint to track conversations where credit is mentioned before the 3-minute mark; this surfaces coaching opportunities for managers and ultimately drives down cost per lead. With Opera, Vivint can quickly leverage insights into action, building new rules in under an hour compared to a month and a half with their previous solution.

Cresta Agent Assist

In an Agent Assist pilot program, Vivint agents increased their closed won rate by nearly 7%. Guided workflows ensure agents adhere to critical best practices, such as Vivint’s post-sale survey. Agent Assist supports manager accountability, too—allowing Vivint to roll out targets for coaching sessions and grades per month.