Elevate performance management with
AI-targeted coaching for every agent

Cresta discovers agent behaviors, connects them to business outcomes to pinpoint what really matters, and surfaces specific coaching actions for every agent, so supervisors can coach with confidence.

Cresta Coach

Get unmatched visibility into agent performance

See what’s really happening across 100% of conversations, with deep insights into performance, business outcomes and trends, and data-rich, accurate transcripts.

Drive CX & business results with targeted coaching

Discover agent behaviors and tactics that are proven to drive mission critical results like sales and retention—then use them as the basis for coaching.

Bolster agent retention with outstanding EX

Use personalized, outcome-oriented coaching to create an exceptional employee experience, driving better satisfaction, retention, and expertise among agents.

“With Cresta, we’re able to see if agents are executing the behaviors we know drive success, which is allowing us to coach more effectively and drive improved results. It’s extremely valuable to our business success.”

Associate Vice President, Fortune 500 Bank
Pinpoint the true drivers of agent performance

Uncover agent behaviors from
raw conversation data

Cresta uses state-of-the-art LLM analysis to surface behaviors and tactics taking place in conversations. This analysis goes beyond simple keyword tracking to paint a true-to-life picture of each agent’s interactions.

contact center performance management software

Discover what behaviors drive
key business outcomes

Cresta’s AI correlates agent behaviors to business outcomes like closed sales and resolved cases. With a clear picture of what’s really driving results, leaders can set strategic coaching priorities with confidence.

agent coaching software

“Cresta’s strength in coaching is unparalleled. It offers market-leading capabilities for enabling supervisor-led coaching and ensuring high engagement for agent self-coaching”
Forrester Wave™: Conversational Intelligence for Customer Support, Q3 2023

Empower supervisors to coach more effectively

Surface AI-powered coaching recommendations for every agent

Cresta presents specific, targeted coaching actions for each and every agent, prioritized by their potential impact on business outcomes.

Coach efficiently with
AI-powered insights

For every agent, Cresta shows supervisors actionable insights and performance trends across every conversation, surfacing key teachable moments within those conversations—without needing manual call listening.

Modernize coaching with
in-the-moment feedback

Real-time customer and agent performance insights let supervisors spot trends as they happen. They can capitalize on emerging opportunities by providing ad-hoc feedback and guidance to their agents—or escalate and intervene in real-time with Live Assist.

Why Fortune 500 enterprises trust Cresta Coach

Outcome-driven AI

Conversation-level outcome analysis prioritizes coaching actions that will drive the biggest improvement in business results.

Actionable coaching suggestions

Targeted coaching guides agents to improve specific behaviors, not lagging-indicator metrics like AHT or FCR.

No-code AI analysis

Cutting-edge LLM applications let leaders discover and detect previously-unknown behaviors from their conversation data.

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