conversational ai in telecom

Meet unprecedented customer and shareholder expectations with generative AI

The telco and communications industry is facing a multitude of challenges: lofty shareholder expectations, outdated digital CX, and a transformed labor environment that limits agent visibility and coachability. Cresta’s generative AI platform combines deep insights, intelligent automation, outcome-oriented coaching, and real-time interaction guidance to drive real business results in every interaction.

conversational ai in telecom

Telco and communications providers operate in a world of intense competition, complex customer journeys, and significant strategic urgency to up-sell and cross-sell. With shareholder value lagging, CX leaders in the telco world must find ways to maximize revenue at every customer touchpoint—winning, retaining, and expanding customers—all while minimizing operational expenditure.

Internet & home phone

Optimize buyer journeys with personalized, targeted offers.

Home security

Up-sell customers with in-the-moment coaching and guidance.

Media & entertainment

Drive attach rates to maximize customer value.

Mobile & wireless

Empower agents to offer personalized, modular plans with confidence.

Drive increased revenue and lower costs

Telcos are under more pressure than ever to generate value for their shareholders. Large customer service and customer operations divisions are seen as anchors to shareholder return, instead of opportunities for growth.

Cresta’s solutions are aimed specifically at maximizing revenue and minimizing costs in large-scale customer operations functions.

Identify and remedy underperformance

Business process outsourcing (BPO) and remote-working agents create data silos and limited visibility into agent performance, making effective performance management difficult.

Cresta’s intelligence platform correlates agent behaviors with real business outcomes, so CX leaders can provide crystal-clear directives to remote and outsourced teams.

Unlock faster digital CX transformation

Despite large-scale investment, telcos lag other industry verticals in digital transformation. This leads to out-dated customer experiences and journeys, stifling growth and innovation.

Cresta offers a suite of generative AI-enabled tools for intelligent self service, data-driven churn management, personalized offer generation, and other digital CX transformation goals.

“Cresta is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Agents who use Cresta have much better conversion rates, more revenue, and better interactions with customers.”

– Kathleen Preston, Director of Digital Marketing & Sales

Telco & Communications leaders trust Cresta

Leading Telco

America’s #1 telco increased cross-sell attach rates by 300% in agents that follow real-time guidance with Cresta Agent Assist

Cox Communications

Cox Communications reduced new agent ramp time by 2 weeks by implementing Cresta in their coaching process, all while realizing better revenue, retention and conversion per chat

Leading ISP

Cresta drove a 174% increase in add-on sales conversion over 3 quarters for a leading internet service provider

Cresta’s generative AI platform drives real business results in every interaction.