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Guided Selling Responses

Cresta dynamically guides agents through each turn of a conversation based on analysis of your top performers and most successful outcomes. The solution provides language that keeps sales on track and reduces customers abandoning the conversation. Instead of manually curating content for your contact center, Cresta does it automatically based on what works.

Personalized Real-Time Coaching

Coaching agents is a critical task, but it can be time-consuming, and agents can easily fall back into bad habits. Cresta makes coaching automated, continuous, and real time. The solution tracks each agent’s unique strengths and weaknesses, and progressively teaches critical skills that are proven to deliver better results. Real-time reinforcement and feedback drives positive behavior changes in a fraction of the time.

Workflow Automation

Contact center agents need to interact with dozens of different tools throughout the day. Cresta automates repetitive tasks such as order entry, lead creation or account validation - all without the need for IT to do API work. This lets agents can handle more cases, reduces the number of systems they must learn, while also ensuring the right data is always captured and processes are followed.

Visibility and Control for Managers

Cresta provides detailed insights into agent performance in areas such as building rapport, always closing, asking questions, objection handling, and more. Managers can easily track improvements in overall sales performance including close rate and number of cases handled. Just as importantly, Cresta allows managers to customize the AI to their needs and test out new strategies.

Strong, Standards-Based Security

SOC 2 and PCI Compliant

Cresta keeps your data safe with best in class data and information security practices.

Automatic PII Redaction

All customer PII is automatically redacted, keeping data safe and your compliance scope narrow.

On-Prem Available

Test out the Cresta platform as a fully contained on premises deployment.

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