Real-time contact center AI software

The contact center is the front door of your business. The Cresta Platform of contact center AI software and agent coaching software takes the wealth of information generated by these customer interactions and translates them into timely, strategic actions. The results become new insights that guide a continuous cycle of learning and improvement that drive toward your business goals.

for leadership

Drive action with insights.

See the big picture on team performance and customer experience. Cresta’s AI-powered insights spot trends, identify performance drivers, and pinpoint areas for improvement.

for managers

Coach smarter, faster.

Understand, coach, and take action. Cresta’s contact center ai software analyzes every conversation, tracks agent performance, and offers end-to-end coaching so managers can put insights into action quickly and spend more time coaching.

for agents

Make every agent your best agent.

Cresta’s agent coaching software guides your team to make a positive impact on every call, alleviate customer pain and drive growth with real-time coaching, assistance and automations taken from top-performing agents. With Cresta Agent Assist, everyone benefits—your customers, your team and your business.

for customers

Intelligent automation

Build chatbots that learn from top-agents with Cresta’s state-of-the-art NLU and conversation design experts.

ai chatbot customer service

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