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Cresta Conversation Intelligence

Unlock better agent performance and increase operational efficiency at scale with AI that understands the content and context of every conversation.

Cresta Quality Management

Cresta’s AI instantly auto-scores every conversation for compliance and performance with precision accuracy. Unlock targeted agent coaching that actually drives results, while dramatically cutting QM costs.

Cresta Coach

Cresta discovers agent behaviors, connects them to business outcomes to pinpoint what really matters, and surfaces specific coaching actions for every agent, so supervisors can coach with confidence.

Cresta Opera: harnessing AI to create outcomes with clicks, not code

The no-code command center for building AI driven rules that power coaching, QA, and real-time agent assistance

PII Redaction | Cresta Chat and Voice

In this document, we outline how Cresta handles sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) in a secure, compliant manner while aligning with industry best practices aimed at protecting the privacy of end users and mitigating business risks for customers.

Cresta Virtual Agent

Drive efficiency and business outcomes through intelligent automation and generative AI.

What Sets Cresta’s Real-Time Intelligence Apart

A key benefit of Cresta is the power of our underlying AI platform - the Real-Time Intelligence Platform - which takes advantage of the latest research and advances in conversational AI, large language models, natural language understanding, and more.

Auto Summarization & Note Taking

With Cresta's Auto Summarization & Note Taking, say goodbye to tedious tasks and After Call Work that are slowing down your agents.

Knowledge Assist

Cresta’s Knowledge Assist gives agents seamless access to the information they need to resolve customer issues quickly.

Cresta Agent Assist for Voice

Cresta’s AI-driven Agent Assist uses real-time coaching and guidance to help agents expertly navigate customer conversations. With Agent Assist, agents get the support they need to deliver business outcomes and world-class CX.

Cresta Insights

With Cresta Insights businesses can extract customer insights from conversational data and instantly take action.

Cresta Agent Assist for Chat

Cresta’s AI-driven Agent Assist helps every agent expertly navigate customer conversations, helping
them be more productive, more effective, and having faster and easier access to answers. Cresta
assists agents as the speed of conversation.