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Building the Foundation for Contact Center Agent Success with AI

Unlock the power of AI in your contact center! Explore strategies for exceptional employee experiences and unparalleled customer satisfaction in this latest whitepaper by Frost & Sullivan. Discover how AI revolutionizes agent performance. Download now for transformative insights.

How customized strategies drive dependable sales performance & outcomes

In this ebook, we’ve analyzed over 6 million conversations to deliver new insights on the types of outcomes that result from contact center agents adhering to key behaviors - ultimately allowing for the creation of a more concrete, repeatable, and ultimately, predictable playbook.

Compliance at Scale: How Collections Teams Can Navigate a Complex Regulatory Landscape

Macro trends affecting the collections industry today and the key strategies that collections contact centers should be looking to deploy to stay ahead amid these seismic shifts.

Maximizing sales and customer value with AI in the health insurance industry

Explore key trends impacting challenges in the insurance industry and critical strategies for success

How AI helps insurance providers grow revenue and improve the customer experience

Explore key trends impacting challenges in the insurance industry and critical strategies for success

Driving high-end retail with AI

Learn the 8 Ways Retail Contact Centers Are utilizing artificial intelligence to improve customer experiences and Sales.

CX Leaders: Trends & CX Insights Report

The Execs In The Know, CX Leaders — Trends & Insights: 2021 Corporate Edition, sponsored by Cresta, is designed to provide a wide-lens view of the customer experience industry, touching on many topics, including consumer preferences, CX strategies, best practices, and more.

5 Steps to Close the Contact Center Performance Gap

What is inconsistent agent performance costing your contact center each year?

Closing The Sales Performance Gap

We looked at over 340,000 sales conversations to identify what set top performing salespeople apart from their peers.

Quantifying The Performance Gap

We looked at over 100,000 customer conversations to quantify the gap between top and bottom performers. This report outlines our findings and steps you can take to start closing your Performance Gap today.

Why Real-Time Artificial Intelligence?

Creating engaging and satisfying customer experiences can be challenging for even technically sophisticated contact centers

Leading Brands Share Best Practices for Building High-Performing Remote Teams

More than $1 of every $5 was spent online in the second quarter of 2020, the highest e-commerce penetration on record. With consumers flocking to digital channels, customers are now interacting...