Transform your collections strategy with the power of generative AI for debt collections in the contact center

Collections teams face significant challenges in collecting debts while maintaining positive customer relationships and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Traditional collections methods often involve lengthy and frustrating phone calls or mail correspondence, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction and ultimately, reduced collections success rates.

Cresta’s proven formula for increased collection performance

ai solutions for collections department

By following a new playbook and behavioral hints provided by Cresta’s Generative AI, agents at a top 5 US bank were able to increase their PTP rate by an average of 35%.

“Now with Cresta, we’re able to see if the collectors are executing the behaviors we know drive success, which is allowing us to coach more effectively and drive improved results. I find this to be extremely valuable to our business’ success.”

AVP of Collections at a top 5 US Bank
Effectiveness, not just efficiency

By automating note-taking and post-call work, agents can save time and effort needed for collections activities. This allows them to concentrate on more complex tasks like negotiation, ultimately improving PTP, ACH rates, and other key performance indicators.

Compliance with confidence

Automatically  monitor customer interactions and flag potential compliance risks, so businesses can ensure adherence to relevant regulations. This can effectively minimize the risk of regulatory violations and the accompanying penalties.

Personalized support for collections

Automating personalized support and providing answers to FAQs can enhance customer partnership. By reducing customer frustration, businesses can strengthen their relationship with customers and increase the likelihood of successful collections.

Collections insights into actions

Gain deeper insights into customer behavior and patterns, and collections performance, identifying areas for improvement and optimize collections strategies in real-time, revealing possibly unknown opportunities.

Compliance at Scale:

How Collections Teams Can Navigate a Complex Regulatory Landscape (without Sacrificing Performance)