Conversational AI for insurance

Enhancing the insurance customer experience with real-time perfect policy match

Building and maintaining policyholders’ trust is more important than ever in this post-pandemic economy. To do this, representatives need to match their policyholders with the best plan for their situation – a tough job due to the variety of options and ever-changing policies.

Luckily, Cresta provides representatives with Real-Time Agent Assist, so that they can resolve policyholder questions quickly, provide them with timely information on the policies based on their needs, and meet compliance standards in every interaction.

Target the right policy

Contact center leaders get real-time customer insights on how new policies are being discussed and can alert representatives to match policy holders with the perfect policy thanks to AI-assisted search.

conversational ai for insurance

Make every interaction count

Create an enhanced insurance customer experience and wow your policy holders each time they speak with a knowledgeable, timely representative that’s empowered to resolve their issues quickly thanks to real-time coaching, AI-assisted knowledge search, and live manager assistance.

ai for insurance

Real-time compliance

Conversational AI for insurance provides coaching and guidance to ensure representatives remain compliant in each and every interaction. Compliance rules can take team, department, geography and more into account.

conversational ai for insurance customer experience

Increase policy closure rates

When representatives are able to give policy holders get timely information about policies that meet their needs, policy closure rates go up

insurance customer experience ai

Train up talent

Cresta’s real-time coaching, hints, and AI-assisted knowledge base search allows new representatives to reach top performance in half the time to address seasonal dynamic staffing needs.

insurance conversational ai

“One of my agents has dramatically increased their revenue results from Q3 to Q4. Cresta has really helped me with identifying value statements at the start of the conversation – helping to show agents how consistent they are”

Lead Supervisor, Fortune 500 insurance company

Customers that use Cresta have seen:

Reduction in ramp time

Increase in conversions

Increase in adherence

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