How Cresta partnered with a Fortune 500 insurance company to drive 7% increase in revenue


Headquartered in the US, this Fortune 500 insurance and financial services company has been supporting individuals, businesses, and groups with financial and insurance services for nearly 120 years. The company provides a variety of financial services, including Medicare Supplement, life insurance, long-term care coverage and annuities, as well as group coverage including life, disability, and 401(k).


With peak insurance season approaching – and with it, a significant increase in calls to their contact center – the company was looking for ways to streamline onboarding for seasonal hires. They also wanted to improve the ongoing training process for all agents, to empower them to drive greater value through every conversation.

They knew that in order to more efficiently and effectively ramp up and retain their agents, they needed to be able to train and coach the team at scale – but did not have a system in place to support live coaching. Instead, coaching happened on a weekly basis, with each call taking anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour, with supervisors spending an additional 30 minutes of prep time for each 1:1 coaching session. This approach not only tied up critical time and resources, but also limited the scope of supervisors’ ability to meaningfully coach all members of the team.

The company ultimately agreed to run a pilot with Cresta as their technology of choice for its ability to provide real-time insights and coaching opportunities that deliver value to customers, as well as to the business.


Supported throughout the pilot process by Cresta’s Customer Success team, the company deployed Agent Assist, Director, and Cresta Insights. With Agent Assist, agents receive live alerts about areas of opportunity while on calls, empowering them to maximize their performance and deliver increased value on each of their conversations.

With Director, supervisors are now able to identify coaching opportunities as they are happening for their whole broker population, leading to a far more effective salesforce – even in the case of newer or seasonal agents.

Cresta Insights has been instrumental to the team, giving them the power of real-time intelligence that turns unstructured data into actionable insights. Armed with this information, supervisors are able to accelerate learnings across their agents and make data-backed business decisions more quickly


In the first nine months of deploying Cresta, the Fortune 500 insurer has used Cresta’s Insights capabilities to drive significant value, including a bump in premiums revenue and a 7% increase in revenue via direct mail.

“One of my agents has dramatically increased their revenue results from Q3 to Q4. Cresta has really helped me with identifying value statements at the start of the conversation – helping to show agents how consistent they are”
– Lead Supervisor

Over the course of the pilot, ramp time for new employees decreased and supervisors were able to surface and act on coachable opportunities in real time.

With these powerful results in place, the company plans to deploy Cresta’s capabilities across the organization, with forecasted benefits of over $5M.

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