Agent efficiency

AI-powered call center knowledge management

Simplify knowledge base management. Cresta Knowledge Assist unifies siloed knowledge bases into one powerful real-time experience. Our AI offers the right information at the right time, so agents get the information they need to resolve customer issues fast.

Challenges Facing Agents Today

Scattered information

Agents waste time searching for answers across siloed knowledge bases and scrolling through endless pdfs

Information overload

With so many unorganized articles, agents struggle to remember what to search for to get the answers they need

Time pressure

Under immense time pressure, agents rush to find answers and will often cite different answers to the same issue

Inadequate keyword search

Brittle keyword searches fail to bring up the right content at the right time

Knowledge when you need it

Leave data where it is

Cresta makes it easy to access information from across disparate knowledge sources – FAQs, website, knowledge bases, and more.

call center knowledge base
Surface the right information faster:

Knowledge base search

Cresta knowledge base search provides agents one powerful search bar to access information across all knowledge bases and Guided Workflows, saving them precious time searching for answers.

call center knowledge management
Turn knowledge into action:

Guided workflows

Guided workflows provide simple step-by-step instructions that guide agents through a wide variety of call flows from sales to troubleshooting so that they never have to pause and wonder what to do next.

The key to driving dependable sales outcomes?

We analyzed over 6 million conversations to explore key selling behaviors and the importance of a tailored, three-step approach that not only closes the sales performance gap, but drives successful outcomes. Hear from four leading businesses across industries on how they leverage Cresta’s generative AI to level up their agents and deliver outcomes that truly impact the business.

call center knowledge base ai
Lower average handle time

Agents don’t waste time searching and wondering

Higher first call resolution

Agents have information to resolve customer issues

Higher customer satisfaction

Customers get the answers they’re looking for

Your agents, powered up

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