Get more from your call center knowledge base

Cresta’s AI-powered call center knowledge management allows you to:

  • Unify knowledge base search
  • Deploy guided workflows
  • Surface relevant information
  • Find the right answers in real time

Cresta Knowledge Assist

Cresta simplifies call center knowledge management by enabling a single point of access to multiple knowledge bases, and even surfacing precisely the answers agents need at the right time based on the context of the conversation, all the while ensuring agents are positioned for success with guided workflows. With this evolved approach to knowledge management, contact centers can expect a range of key benefits.

Cresta Knowledge Assist unites scattered call center knowledge bases to deliver the right information every time

Lower average handle time

Cut the time your agents waste searching for answers so they can stay focused on providing a top-tier interaction and handle greater volume more efficiently.

Boost first call resolution

Provide agents with the right information to resolve customer issues the first time around, boosting customer satisfaction and unlocking agent effectiveness.

Improve customer satisfaction

Empower your agents to consistently give customers the right answers at the right time and build memorable, on-brand customer experiences by freeing agents’ mental bandwidth to focus on connecting during conversations.

Improve agent experience

With a central access point for disparate sources of knowledge in your contact center, agents stay more engaged with their work, reducing churn and driving employee satisfaction.

What is a call center knowledge base?

All of an organization’s information — from FAQs and support practices to product information and beyond — is housed in knowledge bases. Cresta’s AI quickly searches across multiple knowledge articles and surfaces the best course of action during the conversation to help agents find the perfect answer, product, or process.

Why should I care?

Many organizations have multiple or inaccessible knowledge bases, forcing agents to waste time searching for answers during conversations. Leveraging AI for call center knowledge management means giving agents the answers they need, right when they need them to improve employee experience, customer satisfaction, and critical KPIs.

Turn every agent into a top performer

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Level up your call center knowledge management

Cresta Knowledge Assist leverages the power of AI to unlock the full potential of your data and empower agent performance.

Unlock better outcomes

Immediate answers

Conversations unfold in real time, so effective knowledge management has to move at the same pace. Cresta cuts out the unnecessary lag time that builds as agents manually search knowledge bases, equipping agents with what they need in the moment to drive both efficiency and effectiveness in every conversation. This real-time support empowers lower average handle time and higher first call resolution, boosting critical KPIs to enhance the contact center’s value

Surface information faster

Knowledge at agents’ fingertips

With Cresta, agents can perform a comprehensive knowledge base search through one powerful search bar, enabling access to all relevant data, regardless of where it’s stored. Gaining easy access to information across all knowledge bases and support from Guided Workflows saves agents precious time searching for answers, improving experiences for agents and customers alike. And this enhanced access and guidance ensures that agents provide consistent responses to customer queries, cutting down on preventable errors.

Turn knowledge into action

Guided workflows

Cresta’s guided workflows provide simple, step-by-step instructions that support agents as they navigate a wide variety of call flows — from sales to troubleshooting — so they never have to pause and wonder what to do next. For agents, this means a more comfortable and confident approach to every interaction; for customers, it translates to more seamless and satisfying experiences. And for contact center leaders, guided workflows provide peace of mind that agents have the tools to excel in every conversation.

Ensure security and accessibility

Streamlined data

Cresta Knowledge Assist makes it easy to access information from across disparate knowledge sources, like FAQs, websites, knowledge bases, and more. Without combining knowledge sources or transferring data, you can empower agents with comprehensive access to information from a single source. By collecting data from multiple inputs and surfacing it dynamically, Cresta ensures that all of a contact center’s knowledge bases are leveraged to their full potential without requiring any extra work.

call center knowledge base

Power up your agents

For a customized view of how Cresta Knowledge Assist can enhance your contact center knowledge management, reach out for a personalized demo.