Transform hospitality customer experience with generative AI

In a volatile post-pandemic world, hospitality contact centers are in need of repeatable success. Cresta’s generative AI platform combines deep insights, intelligent automation, outcome-oriented coaching, and real-time interaction guidance to drive real business results in every interaction.

In the ultra-competitive post-pandemic world of travel and hospitality, customer experience (CX) has become a key battleground. Hospitality CX and contact center leaders must grapple with elevated customer expectations, unpredictable demand, and agent performance gaps—all while driving toward lofty digital transformation goals and increased revenue and retention pressure.

Vacation Ownership

Ensure your agents follow proven playbooks on high-value sales interactions with in-the-moment guidance and knowledge.


Empower your agents to conduct better discovery, qualification, multi-cruise and multi-gen sales with generative AI assists and coaching.


Handle unpredictable post-pandemic interaction volumes with generative AI Virtual Agents and intelligent automation for after-call work.

Hotels & Lodging

Drive cross-sell, up-sell, and service-to-sales revenue with AI-powered coaching and real-time guidance for agents.

Handle post-pandemic demand

The hospitality industry faces erratic demand as both vacationers and business travelers return to travel after the pandemic. Some areas are booming, straining contact center capacity. Others lag, leading to operational struggles.

Cresta has a proven track record of helping hospitality leaders meet and exceed post-pandemic expectations.

Accelerate digital transformation

Digital transformation has never been more critical, despite many hospitality firms’ historic under-investment in their digital customer experience. Now quick adaptation and modernization is needed to meet elevated customer expectations.

Cresta packages transformative technology like generative AI in an intuitive enterprise software platform for agents, managers and CX leaders.

Elevate agent 

Top-performing sales agents in contact centers out-sell their peers by a wide margin — especially in hospitality, where agents are handling high-value interactions. CX leaders are left struggling to close this performance gap and limit revenue loss.

Cresta is designed to help CX leaders close the performance gap between leaders and the middle of the pack—driving revenue and agent satisfaction.

“Cresta is really the technology of the future. Everybody has Siri or Alexa; they’re used to having systems that help them and that’s what Cresta is.“

Jason Love, Director of Contact Center Training, Holiday Inn Club Vacations

Customer results

Vacation Provider

A leading vacation provider saw 60% greater revenue per lead from outbound sales agents who use Cresta’s real-time Agent Assists.

Holiday Inn Vacations

Holiday Inn Club Vacations achieved a 1.5x increase in employee satisfaction (ESAT) while cutting agent attrition in half.

Cruise line

A leading cruise operator has contracted Cresta to drive a 20x improvement in conversation QA coverage with Cresta Post-Call.

Elevate travel and hospitality customer experiences with Cresta’s generative AI platform.