How the leading vacations provider and Cresta partner to promote agent success from home


The Direct Sales and Marketing teams of the most trusted name in world class vacations and timeshares, strive to expand timeshare opportunities with new and existing customers and provide excellent customer service. Contact center leaders track how many timeshare points are sold to new and existing customers.


With travel booming back faster than new remote agents could be onboarded, plenty of leads were coming through without enough trained agents to go after them. New agents struggled to close sales and get the coaching they needed to succeed, leading to high attrition. The constant flow of new trainees spread managers thin as they waded through calls 45 minutes long to find coachable moments and help their team get up to speed while working remotely.


Cresta partnered with the hospitality company to empower agents and managers working from home by enabling better Real-Time coaching and Real-Time agent hints to hit sales targets.

Cresta Coach gave managers coaching from home the visibility into customer conversations to instantly find coachable moments, identify agents who need help, and resolve complaints or escalations in a fraction of the time. Cresta’s Real-Time coaching features allowed managers to get their agents the support they needed to succeed and saved each manager 2-4 hours per week.

For agents, Cresta Agent Assist delivered AI-powered Real Time Intelligence that skilled up new agents fast and guided them through call flows with hints and suggested responses to handle objections and assume the sales. This helped them make close sales and generate 38% more revenue that agents not using cresta. Thanks to Cresta, agents have the tools they need to ramp up faster and succeed long term.

Increase Revenue & Adherence

Timeshare agents who use Cresta Agent Assist generate 38% more revenue amounting to $235,528 more sales on average per quarter than agents who didn’t use Cresta during the same quarter.

Enable Remote Coaching

Cresta Coach gave managers the visibility they needed to find conversations and resolve complaints or escalations in a fraction of the time. They say it saves them 2-4 hours per week.

Reduce New Hire Ramp Time

Agents are getting the coaching and Real-Time guidance they need to ramp up fast and succeed long term.

QA for Compliance

The company also takes advantage of Cresta’s compliance features. They are now able to automatically QA 100% of calls for recording disclosure compliance and avoid Disclosure Fines.

“It’s hard for me to think about how we did things previously now that I have access to it because I use it daily and it’s extremely useful for me. I can find an escalation reason within a couple minutes instead of a couple hours; and I handle several per week.”
– Senior Sales Manager

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