Unlock every agent’s true potential with real-time agent assist built for enterprise scale

Cresta Agent Assist uses state-of-the-art AI to empower agents with behavioral guidance, knowledge, and workflow automation proven to drive mission-critical KPIs.

Cresta Agent Assist

AI that’s trained to understand your business

Cresta’s AI models are trained on your unique conversations, KPIs, knowledge, and processes to guide agents, surface answers, and summarize interactions with unparalleled precision.

AI that moves at the speed of human conversation

Real-time AI simply doesn’t work when it’s a step too slow. Cresta Agent Assist provides the right answers and guidance at exactly the right moment, with near-zero latency regardless of scale.

AI that learns from
what actually works

Cresta models learn from the behaviors and answers that drive better outcomes—like AHT and conversion—providing guidance and answers that are proven to work.

Maximize performance with
outcome-driven behavioral coaching

Guide agents toward successful outcomes with dynamic hints, reminders, and workflows tailored to the context of each conversation. Armed with situationally-specific strategies that are proven to work, agents can confidently navigate any scenario and perform like seasoned professionals from day one.

Optimize sales and service
with just-in-time knowledge

Empower agents to resolve issues faster and more consistently, with fewer transfers. Cresta’s Generative Knowledge Assist unifies your knowledge sources and instantly generates accurate, exact answers to customer questions in real-time, eliminating the need for searching or prompts.

Drive productivity and capture better data with generative automation

Enable agents to focus on the customer and work more efficiently both during and after conversations. Cresta’s automated note-taking, entity extraction, and interaction summaries are fine-tuned for accuracy, fully customizable, and generated instantly to maximize the impact on average handle time.

Dramatically increase chat concurrency
and agent utilization

Transform the operating efficiency of chat-based sales and support teams. With AutoCompose, generative responses, and canned suggestions, Cresta can reduce agent typing by over 50% using models that learn from top performers and successful conversation outcomes.

“We were transferring almost 30% of our calls 18 months ago.
We are best in class at 8% now.”

Veronica Moturi, VP of CX, BrinksHome

The industry’s most powerful real-time copilot,
built on an enterprise-grade AI platform.

Deploy real-time AI with clicks, not code

Turn insights into action at the speed of your business with Cresta Opera, a no-code command center for building and backtesting the rules, workflows and notifications that power personalized coaching, automated quality management, and real-time agent copilots.

Agile and effortless integrations

Cresta seamlessly integrates into your existing tech stack, including telephony and chat platforms, CRMs, knowledge sources, and martech systems. Transform your contact center with a single unified intelligence layer that consolidates your data, insights, and AI workflows.

Responsible AI you can trust

Cresta offers an enterprise-grade approach to security, privacy, and responsible AI deployment, with industry-leading security certifications, custom PII redaction, and state-of-the-art guardrails to eliminate hallucination.

State-of-the-art AI models & systems

Cresta’s AI solutions are underpined by state-of-the-art models and systems proven to deliver unmatched accuracy, quality, and real-time performance for the world’s largest contact centers.

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