Auto note taking and auto summarization tools

Cresta’s auto note taking and auto-summarization tools help improve contact center efficiency by automating tedious tasks like mid-call note taking and post-call work so that agents can provide better service and move through calls more efficiently

Challenges facing agents today

Tedious after call work

Agents scramble to complete post-call summaries that kill average handle times (AHT) and leaves the next customer waiting

Mid-call distractions

Agents are torn between keeping accurate notes for later and giving their full focus to the customer

Rushing and inaccuracy

Intense time pressure in between calls leads to poor or skipped summaries, leaving contact center leaders without the data they need to run their business

Switching between tools

Agents waste time switching applications to copy-and-paste call summaries

Unlock agent productivity

Speed up agents during the call:

Automated AI notetaker

Automate away tedious note taking, so agents can focus on what matters, providing excellent customer service.

AI notetaker
Speed up agents after the call:

Auto summarization

Goodbye, after call work! Now Cresta automatically summarizes conversations, recording call reason, call resolution, actions taken, key outcomes and required follow ups.

auto summarization
Remove tedious tasks:


Your agents shouldn’t waste time copy-and-pasting notes and summaries into siloed applications, and now thanks to Cresta auto-fill, they don’t have to.

AI notetaker and auto summarization
Behind the scenes:

Agent-less summarization

If you want to completely shield agents from note taking and summarization, Cresta can capture notes, create summaries, and send information completely behind the scenes.

auto summarization and ai notetaker
Lower average handle time

By automating mid-call notes and post-call summaries

Reduce after call work

By automatically uploading summaries to CRMs

Increase customer satisfaction

By reducing wait times and artificial pauses for note taking

Accurately capture disposition and information

By automating 100% of call summaries

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