How Cox and Cresta partner to grow revenue and improve digital experience


Cox Residential services powers everyday life for it’s customers by providing an array of digital home solutions, serving more than 6.5 million customers throughout the US. Cox’s live residential sales and retention chat teams strive to provide excellent service to customers looking to discover new offerings or move residences, as well as brand-new customers who are just getting started with their


With agents remote, Cox needed a way to help their agents perform better and meet their growing KPIs and revenue targets, but with minimal supervision — and immediate results. This meant revamping the digital experience for both customers and agents. And they teamed up with Cresta to do just that.


Cresta partnered with Cox leaders and crafted a model redesign to help agents align with an updated customer digital experience by integrating Cresta into their contact center chat strategy.

First, they standardized sales and retention process that would be reinforced by AI-powered Real-Time Intelligence through Cresta’s Agent Assist platform. With Agent Assist, agents are guided through processes by hints, call flows, suggested responses, smart compose, and much more – all in real time.

At the same time, managers began using Cresta Director, powered by Real-Time Intelligence, to track and analyze 100% of agent-customer conversations. Managers can review team performance, adherence to key behaviors and specific moments in a conversation to create coaching plans that drive sales conversions and retention KPIs.

Cox Communications leaders also wanted to understand what was driving certain trends, such as increased demand for chat support. To accomplish this, they turned to Cresta Insights, a Real-Time intelligence platform that allows leaders to measure and iterate faster and make the contact center the center point of strategic advantage.

In the past year, improved conversation flows have led to a 20-30% increase in revenue per chat for Residential Sales and a 10-20% rise for Retention. It was also found that highly engaged agents who followed Cresta’s Real-Time Dynamic Coaching achieved 10-15% higher revenue per chat for Residential Sales and 4-6% increase in net revenue for Retention.

“I love hints, they allow me to do my job now that I can’t sit next to agents every day“
– Rich Joos, Retention Manager

Sales managers were able to reduce new hire ramp time by 2 weeks and increase their agent manager ratio from 10 agents per manager to 14 since managers were coaching more effectively. Plus, all new hires reached 100%-200%+ revenue attainment goals which had never been done before Cresta came in.

“I like Cresta because it allows me to knock out coaching way more efficiently”
– Scott Appleby, Sales Coach

Cox leaders used Cresta Insights to explore conversational data using simple queries such as “Why are customers calling in?” Cox discovered that customers were calling in for promotions rather than the company’s initial hypothesis of competitive 5g offerings, allowing them to prioritize and shift workstreams accordingly.

“I can dig into competitor issues by market, which allows me to go to product and marketing to get in front of issues proactively” 
– Joel Winant, Director, Contact Center Operations

Cresta’s Real-Time Intelligence platform improves over time as it
learns more about Cox’s business. A unified suite of agent,
manager, and executive-facing tools have helped Cox continue to
grow revenue year-over-year.

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aws Cresta’s real-time solutions are built and hosted on Amazon AWS services, which provide the flexibility, scalability, and security that our customers rely on.