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Turn Conversations into Actionable Insights

Turn your contact center into a strategic advantage by using  AI-powered conversational insights and predictive analytics to measure and improve the customer experience and your business

Call Center Analytics Dashboard & Insights from Cresta

Cresta Insight real-time call center predictive analytics

Real-Time Customer Intelligence

Cresta analyzes 100% of conversations with superior natural language understanding (NLU) and turns unstructured data into powerful, actionable knowledge.

call center predictive analytics

Move With Agility

Ditch the spreadsheets and long reports with easy-to-dissect, data-rich, customer insights and contact center analytics dashboards so you can make better business decisions faster.

contact center analytics dashboard

Go From Insight to Action

Create impact by using  Cresta’s common architecture to instantly coach at scale with Agent Assist, drive deflection via Chatbot, and much more.

What are the top reasons my customers are calling in?
What are my customers’ most common and pressing objections?
Should I worry more about my competitors or the status quo?
How is the new pricing and packaging strategy performing?
Why is there a sudden uptick in calls about shipping delays?
What agent behaviors are driving successful outcomes?

Real-Time Customer Intelligence for the Contact Center

Instantly understand customer trends, answer critical business questions, and uncover new unknowns with call center predictive analytics to help you make faster and smarter decisions.

Topic Discovery

Discover New Unknown Topics

Topic Discovery allows users to uncover, explore and understand new unknown topics. Using state-of-the-art NLU, it automatically groups conversations into common themes to help determine where to focus your time.

Uncover insights with Cresta's call center analytics dashboard

Insights Dashboards & Analytics

Gain a Deeper Understanding

Get powerful customer insights by learning more about your customers. Identify their hot topics, sentiment, and competitive threats at scale, so you can sell smarter and deliver a better customer experience.

contact center analytics dashboard from Cresta

An Integrated Solution

Easily Take Action Across Cresta's Platform

Cresta’s fully integrated end-to-end platform makes it easy to instantly use Insights to update chatbots, configure AI-powered coaching at scale, and even inform key strategic decisions.

call center predictive analytics and insights

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