AI customer care solutions to boost productivity and improve satisfaction

Harnessing generative AI for unparalleled
customer support for chat

Your contact centers serve as the central hub for your business, responsible for triaging inquiries and customer experiences delivered by your agents play a pivotal role in shaping the relationship with customers. Unfortunately, conventional tools and processes often impede an agent’s ability to work efficiently and effectively, leading to subpar experiences for both customers and employees.

customer experience automation
Is your business capturing the most relevant and accurate information from all customer interactions?
customer experience solutions
What percent of interactions are agents solving accurately and efficiently in the first conversation?
customer experience automation solutions
How much time are agents wasting looking for the best solution within your intrasites and knowledge bases?
cx automation
Are your agents losing critical time by searching for answers  and completing after-call work?

At Cresta, we understand the importance of enabling agents to make every interaction count. That’s why we developed Cresta for Care, a revolutionary solution that liberates chat agents from the constraints of repetitive tasks and empowers them to focus on what truly matters – providing accurate and personalized information to each customer in the moment.

Cresta harnesses the power of generative AI to provide real-time automation and guidance to chat agents as they navigate complex care conversations. With its suite of intelligent features, Cresta enhances chat care agents’ productivity, unlocks their knowledge potential, and enables managers to coach effectively.

Customer results

Top US Airline saw 15% reduction in ART and 30% reduction in time to first response

Leading  American ISP saved 700 hours of looking for answers each month

Top retailer has seen 5% increase in NPS per quarter ever since implementing Cresta

Cresta integrates and layers effortlessly onto existing messaging platforms

Experience enhanced productivity, elevated customer care solutions, and tangible business outcomes

cx insights

Get in front of the issues before they spiral

Discover unknowns and trends that lead to satisfied customers and rapid issue resolution. Features include: Customer Insights, Topic Discovery, Keyword Insights, and Trends & Anomalies

cx analytics

Elevate your coaching expertise with efficiency

Unlock the potential of coaching, quality assurance, and performance management. Features include: Performance Insights, Leaderboards, Coaching & Collaboration, QA

chat for customer experience

Turn your cost center 
to your revenue center

Uplevel your existing agents to cross sell and upsell, doing more with less with Self Service Hints

customer solutions

Save hours in typing 
and repetitive tasks

Improve agent productivity while eliminating after-call work. Features include: Smart Compose & Suggestion, Auto Note Taking & Summarization

cx knowledge base

Make sure agents get it right the first time, every time

Rapidly surface knowledge even for the most complex chat conversations with OmniSearch & Knowledge Assist

Elevate your customer care solutions to new heights with Cresta’s 
generative AI for chat– the ultimate ally for your agents.