Cresta Director

Smarter and faster call center performance management software

Cresta Director is your one stop shop for AI-enabled coaching, QA and call center performance management.

Accelerate coaching, QA, and contact center performance management

Quickly understand business drivers

Get insights from every conversation and understand which behaviors are driving your business metrics.

Coach smarter and 4x faster

Cresta automatically identifies coaching gaps and streamlines coaching with one easy-to-use interface.

Instantly go from insight to action

Evaluate team performance and immediately put coaching into action with Cresta Agent Assist.

Focus on what matters

Coach with facts, not feelings. Instantly evaluate team performance and identify the coaching opportunities that drive business outcomes.

Performance insights

A single real-time console to review team performance. Measure key metrics like AHT, conversation volume, and whether agents practice skills and behaviors.

Agent progression

Cresta automatically evaluates agent adherence to key behaviors and allows managers to instantly drill into specific conversations that require attention.


Quickly identify top performers, compare agent performance and see who’s on pace to hit their goals. Motivate teams with recognition and transparency.

Accelerate coaching & QA

Spend more time coaching and less time reviewing transcripts. Accelerate QA and create rich personalized coaching plans for each and every agent.

Coaching plans

Personalized coaching plans pull each agent’s behavior metrics, QA scores, and manager feedback into a single plan where managers and agents can collaborate.

Scoring and QA

Accelerate QA with dynamic scorecards and rich transcripts that make it easy to hone in on key opportunities in every conversation. 

Conversation library

Save the best conversations and easily share them with agents to help agents with  onboarding and ongoing performance improvement.  

Help your agents when they need it most

Follow along as agents help customers and receive automated alerts when agents need help so you can immediately come to the rescue.

Live assist

Agents can raise their hand and ask for assistance. Managers can respond from Cresta or directly from Slack and Microsoft Teams.

Alerts and notifications

Configurable real-time alerts and notifications let managers know when agents need help or when a compliance infraction requires correction.

Live conversations

Monitor agent conversations as they happen. Ensure agents follow best practices and if they need help, immediately help them with live assist.

Coach teams at scale with no-code AI

Instantly put insights into action by deploying AI-powered coaching at scale. In minutes, managers can deploy AI-powered coaching and rules to optimize contact center performance.

Cresta Opera v1 - call center performance management

Cresta Opera

An intuitive no-code interface makes it easy to create and deploy AI-powered coaching in a matter of minutes, no coding necessary.


Select from a pre-configured set of AI-powered triggers, including real-time coaching and compliance tracking, or create one of your own.


Push real-time coaching to agents, track compliance and adherence, or simply configure a real-time alert with a few simple clicks.

Drive WFH excellence

Keep remote teams close

Keep remote teams in sync, no matter where they work. Get deep visibility into team performance and leave comments and feedback for agents to review. Track key development areas and progress through collaborative coaching plans and performance reports.

A comprehensive set of performance management features

Cresta Director uses our real-time intelligence engine to power a complete set of features that help managers monitor team performance, accelerate QA, and drive coaching at scale. Some of these features include:

Performance insights

QA scorecards

Live conversations

Agent progression

Comments and feedback

Live assist


Coaching overview

Coaching plans

Cresta Opera

Triggers and actions

and many more...

Hear from Cresta customers about how Director has helped them accelerate coaching, QA, and performance management.

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