Cresta Virtual Agent
Intelligent Automation

Build chatbots that learn from top-agents with Cresta’s state-of-the-art NLU and Conversation Design Experts

Take the Guesswork out of Automation

Automate the Right Use Cases

Cresta Insights surfaces trends in your conversation data to uncover and prioritize chatbot use cases that offer the greatest ROI.

Get Expert Conversation Design and Services

Cresta models automation use cases off of top-agent conversations, ensuring that flows are field-tested and successful before launching.

Continuously Optimize

Cresta Virtual Agent learns from your best agents, and vice-versa. Leverage Cresta’s end-to-end solution to balance between chatbots and agents and optimize across your contact center.

Increased Containment Ceiling

Smart self-service that beats the standard 30% containment ceiling

Faster Time to Value

Deploy field-tested chatbot flows modeled off of top-performing agents for faster success

Automate Ahead

Real-Time Insights highlight use cases before they flood the contact center

Seamless Pass Through

Find the right balance between automation and augmentation with Agent Assist

For Customers Looking to...

Deflect + Reduce AHT

Features to support self-service, information gathering, routing, and agent pass through:


  • FAQ Deflection
  • User Authentication and Pre-transfer Data Collection
  • Assistance Confirmation and Agent Escalation

Improve CX

Features that offer seamless CX, personalized identification and suggestions, and 24/7 service:


  • Open Prompt Detection
  • User Authentication
  • Predictive Suggestions
  • Assistance and Inquiry Confirmation

Sell More

Features to qualify leads and progress the sale with personalized suggestions based on profile data:


  • Soft Sale
  • Upsell/Promotions
  • Pre-transfer Data Collection

Automate with Insight

Create a Blueprint for Chatbot Success

Cresta Virtual Agent uses Real-Time Intelligence from Cresta Insights to analyze 100% of conversations, identify high value chatbot use cases, and automate ahead of dynamic customer needs.

Expert Conversation Design

Our Experts Become Your Experts

Not all chatbot flows are created equal. That’s why Cresta’s team of Conversation Design Experts build data-driven chatbot flows based on top-agent performance and stay with you every step of the way.


An End-to-End Solution

A Chatbot That's Part of the Team

Cresta is the complete Contact Center Intelligence solution that understands the importance of aligning automation and agent augmentation towards the same goal: providing excellent customer experience.



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