Cresta’s Virtual Agent chatbot for call centers

Cresta’s Virtual Agent chatbot helps you discover conversation reasons and behaviors, and automate conversations by leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs) – the same generative AI technology behind revolutions like ChatGPT.

Take the guesswork out of chatbot automation for the contact center

Know what to build

Businesses don’t know which use cases are best suited for automation. Cresta analyzes your conversations with one click to find the best automation candidates.

Know how to build it

Businesses often design chatbots for contact centers without understanding real conversation flows and behaviors. Cresta understands and maps conversation flows end to end, giving you a blueprint for successful conversations.

Know why to build it

Businesses can’t accurately project return on investment (ROI) from agent assist chatbot deployments. Cresta evaluates use case volume and success rate to project expected containment, goal completion, and returns.

Cresta’s unique approach to building the right chatbots, the right way
Discover conversations to automate

Cresta’s generative AI models understand conversation drivers, and business outcomes like solved care cases, purchases, upsells, or retentions, to uncover and prioritize Virtual Agent chatbot use cases that offer the greatest ROI.

Understand conversations in-depth

Cresta’s AI models map your conversations, understanding and classifying every agent and customer behavior from call drivers to your desired outcomes—including deviations from your ideal-outcomes path, and how to get conversations back on track.

Automate with insight

Cresta Virtual Agents understand customer behaviors from open-input prompts and intelligently guide conversations to keep customers on your ideal-outcomes path. 
And, when a live agent is needed, handoffs include LLM-generated summaries so your agents can join conversations with full context.

Customer results

Leading SaaS provider:
Natural language understanding rate at launch for an open-input Virtual Agent

Internet service provider:
Hours of agent chat time saved in one quarter

High-end retailer:
Return on investment from implementing a support Virtual Agent

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