How three leading companies rely on customized strategies to drive dependable sales performance & outcomes

Cresta analyzed over 6M conversations to determine how often contact center agents are following real-time prompts from Cresta to perform certain behaviors. We then calculated the KPI impact of following these behaviors at the right time. Read on to learn about how this impacted three leading businesses.

How Collections Teams Can Navigate Compliance without Sacrificing Performance

Riding years of economic tumult, collections teams are grappling with market trends that amplify the existing challenge of performing their work.

Understanding the Agent Lifecycle

How AI-driven real-time coaching stops the revolving door of agent attrition, increases productivity, and improves CX

Cresta for Health Insurance

Maximizing sales and customer value with AI in Health Insurance - Four strategies to drive sales and customer value

Cresta for Retail

Retail has been transformed by the rise of digital channels, and the growing importance of customer experience. This is where Cresta’s AI-driven Real-Time Intelligence comes in.