improve sales performance

Sales performance intelligence solutions to increase efficiency and effectiveness with AI

Did you know that the sales performance gap between your top and bottom performers can leave up to 48% of revenue on the table every single quarter?

improve sales performance

Cresta for Sales helps your team build and follow bespoke playbooks that are proven to improve sales performance intelligence and narrow the gap between top and bottom performers.

sales intelligence solutions

A three-step approach to high-velocity sales

Cresta helps teams discover winning sales behaviors, determine whether those sales behaviors are being followed, and reinforce those behaviors in real-time with real-time guided selling.

Real results with Cresta's sales intelligence solution

A category leading retailer drove a 49% increase in average order size during the pandemic

A top five SaaS company achieved a 300% increase in revenue per agent with Cresta

Cox Communications unlocked $13.1 million in additional revenue by arming agents with Cresta

Find out how Cresta could bring immediate impact and value to your business.

improve sales performance with ai
Proven to improve efficiency and effectiveness

300% lift in Home Internet Sales Managers hold 4x more coaching sessions at Holiday Inn Club Vacations

The most comprehensive real-time coaching solution on the market

Real-Time Coaching, Knowledge Assist, Auto Summarization & Note Taking

Real-time coaching tailored to your business

Proprietary AI tools & processes to deliver custom AI models

Fast time-to-value

Get up and running in as little as 8-12 weeks


How three leading companies rely on customized strategies to drive dependable sales performance & outcomes

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Bridging the Performance Gap: Identifying Behaviors for Powerful Sales Outcomes

We analyzed over 6 million conversations to explore key selling behaviors and the importance of...

Reports Library

Sales Effectiveness in Revenue-Generating Contact Centers

Cresta surveyed 300 sales and service-to-sales leaders to understand how they are navigating these industry-wide...

improve sales performance

“I have yet to see another company that delivers at the level that Cresta does with the technology, the real-time sales coaching, that drives the results that Cresta has helped us drive.”