Cresta Launches Hardphone Integration, Bringing Cloud Functionality and Generative AI to On-Premises Contact Centers

Did you know that, according to research from Metrigy, only about 30% of companies have moved their contact center operations to the cloud? And while 48% of surveyed companies are actively evaluating their options or report it as part of their upcoming plans, managing a migration and the accompanying change across a large organization can feel insurmountable.

For companies who are still relying on their legacy hardphone-based contact center infrastructure, Cresta has developed an integration that allows customers to benefit from cloud-based innovations such as generative AI without yet undertaking a full, broad-based migration to the cloud.

Cresta integrates with various contact center platforms – hosted both in the cloud and on-premises – in order to capture calls and events in real-time. Through discussions with our customers, we develop a deep understanding of the underlying architecture and various systems in place, so that we can create the most optimized, bespoke integration pattern that works best.

We know that moving contact centers from an on-premises system to the cloud is not a trivial exercise, and for many organizations, can represent a huge lift across departments. For customers who are not yet ready to move to the cloud, for any number of reasons, this new integration allows them to reap the benefits of our generative AI-based platform.

Critically, Cresta’s approach reduces customer effort when adopting an AI-powered platform.Through our platform-agnostic approach, we can seamlessly integrate across all contact center systems, thereby allowing enterprises to reap the benefits of increased CSAT (customer satisfaction), reduced AHT (average handle time), and improved conversions and sales.

“With hardphone support, Cresta is bringing something incredibly important to the market,” said Philip Kolterman, Vice President of Digital Transformation at Brinks Home. “As a security company, we’re required to utilize on-premise telephony services. Without Cresta, we would never have been able to see the benefits of a generative AI platform without the potential risks of a full migration to the cloud. Effectively half of our call center volume goes through this integration, and it’s had a tremendous impact on our organization. Not only do we have insights into customer behavior, but we are also able to ensure that real-time coaching, reinforcing processes, metrics, QA – all of the goodness of Cresta – applies consistently to all of our agents.”

The best part? These customers can start seeing that value today, all while knowing that if and when they are ready to make the move to a cloud CCaaS, there will be no disruption to the insights and services they have in place from Cresta. All data and bespoke AI models stay intact, with no need to start from scratch or re-build any of Cresta’s capabilities.

To learn more about Cresta’s hardphone integration, read our press release here. To request a personalized demo of Cresta’s many solutions, powered by generative AI, click here today!

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