Industry Leadership

Cresta recognized as leader in The Aragon Research Globe for Coaching

Coaching is a long-established best practice for managers hoping to drive agent performance, but traditional coaching is time consuming and labor intensive, making it difficult for supervisors to effectively coach even a small team of agents — let alone scale coaching to entire contact centers.

Recap: Cresta at CCW 2023

Cresta participated in CCW 2023, learning and educating attendees on how our generative AI-powered products transform the contact center.

Seven Predictions for Generative AI in the Contact Center

AI has crossed the inflection point for working with human language. The innovations around large language models has led to a Cambrian explosion of applications. We believe that, more than ever, the future contact center will be fundamentally built around AI.

ChatGPT and Generative AI in the Enterprise

ChatGPT, a recently released Generative AI model, has taken the world by storm and sparked the interest of business executives. Its ability to generate fluent and useful text has understandably captured the attention of many leaders, across a wide variety of industries, looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Cresta Named 2022 Hot Vendor by Aragon Research

Aragon Research’s Hot Vendor Awards are a yearly opportunity to select and recognize companies across different markets that are ‘noteworthy, visionary, and innovative.’ Cresta has been specifically recognized in the category of AI for the Contact Center.

How to Build Differentiated CX in Financial Services

How can financial services leaders build better CX to foster a loyal customer base? In a complex industry growing more saturated, a few key opportunities to stand apart have emerged. We’ll outline the ways financial businesses can differentiate themselves, and highlight the ways Cresta can help. Read this blog post to learn more.

Cresta Achieves TISAX Compliance

Today, Cresta is excited to announce that we’re expanding our security compliance footprint with our recent achievement of TISAX compliance.