Cresta recognized as leader in The Aragon Research Globe for Coaching

Coaching is a long-established best practice for managers hoping to drive agent performance, but traditional coaching is time consuming and labor intensive, making it difficult for supervisors to effectively coach even a small team of agents — let alone scale coaching to entire contact centers.

Introducing Ocean-1: First Contact Center Foundation Model

We’ve created Ocean-1, a foundation model for the contact center. This large language model is the culmination of our experience in deploying generative AI systems for large enterprises and signifies our latest milestone in advancing the cutting edge AI technology for customer facing conversations.

Cresta Named 2022 Hot Vendor by Aragon Research

Aragon Research’s Hot Vendor Awards are a yearly opportunity to select and recognize companies across different markets that are ‘noteworthy, visionary, and innovative.’ Cresta has been specifically recognized in the category of AI for the Contact Center.

Investing in Cresta: Supercharging Agents in Real-Time

Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Nailing customer experience is tough. Every conversation, across every channel, counts. And while much in our lives has changed since the 1960s, the site of these customer conversations has not: the contact center.

A Letter From the Founders

At Cresta, we’re on a mission to enable everyone to be 100x as effective at work. And today, we’re excited to announce our $50M Series B round of funding.