AI Innovation

Introducing Ocean-1: First Contact Center Foundation Model

We’ve created Ocean-1, a foundation model for the contact center. This large language model is the culmination of our experience in deploying generative AI systems for large enterprises and signifies our latest milestone in advancing the cutting edge AI technology for customer facing conversations.

How do Americans Feel About Engaging Virtually?

Cresta conducted a survey of 2,000 U.S. adults in November 2022 to better understand how Americans feel about engaging with virtual agents, and how these opinions may differ by geography and demographics. Here are our findings.

Seven Predictions for Generative AI in the Contact Center

AI has crossed the inflection point for working with human language. The innovations around large language models has led to a Cambrian explosion of applications. We believe that, more than ever, the future contact center will be fundamentally built around AI.

ChatGPT and Generative AI in the Enterprise

ChatGPT, a recently released Generative AI model, has taken the world by storm and sparked the interest of business executives. Its ability to generate fluent and useful text has understandably captured the attention of many leaders, across a wide variety of industries, looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Aragon Research Names Cresta as an Innovator for Conversational AI

Aragon Research, Inc has released their latest report, Aragon Research Globe for Conversational AI in the Intelligent Contact Center Report, listing Cresta in the “Innovator” section. The report is the first of its kind as it specifically focuses on conversational AI capabilities and solutions targeted to the contact center.

3 Compounding Benefits of AI-Driven, Real-Time Coaching

Cresta’s real-time coaching provides contact center agents with versatile coaching in-the-moment. By going beyond 1:1 coaching sessions and putting coaching into action during customer conversations, teams are able to unlock new levels of productivity.

Investing in Cresta: Supercharging Agents in Real-Time

Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Nailing customer experience is tough. Every conversation, across every channel, counts. And while much in our lives has changed since the 1960s, the site of these customer conversations has not: the contact center.

Action Directed GPT-2

How we made a new controllable language model to make chat agents more effective by making them follow best actions.