Introducing Automatic Summarization

Cresta Agent Assist just got even better: Introducing Automatic Summarization

After Call Work is one of the biggest time wasters in the modern Contact Center. Agents spend a whopping ⅓ of call time on post-call activities and hate scrambling to take notes in between calls. They often are forced to create artificial pauses mid-call, put customers on hold, skip summaries, or take breaks between calls to meet the strict time pressure of Wrap Time. Contact center leaders are forced to decide between asking their agents to collect this valuable call information and killing AHT while extending wait times. 

Luckily, now there’s Cresta Automatic Summarization.

Introducing Automatic Summarization within Cresta Agent Assist

Automatic Summarization saves agents time by automating 100% of call summaries, removing tedious post-call tasks, and alleviating the need to take mid-call notes. Cresta generates and displays dynamic notes and summaries in Real Time, directly in the agent interface. Agents can easily edit and append in Real Time using our clickable suggestions. 

Automatically generate call summaries that can include both custom and built-in entities such as:

  • Call Reason / Call Disposition
  • Call Resolution 
  • Actions Taken
  • Follow Up Tasks
  • Key Entities like Name, Phone, Email, etc. (redacted when necessary)

Now agents can focus on moving efficiently through calls and providing excellent service instead of multitasking. Plus, contact center leaders collect highly accurate call data automatically and unlock the ability to understand their conversations at scale, in Real Time. 

Once the call has ended, summaries are automatically uploaded to CRMs and other systems using Cresta AutoFill. This avoids additional time lost copy-and-pasting between apps and saves even more time.

To learn more about how to boost agent efficiency, lower AHT, and say goodbye to tedious After Call Work, request a demo today!