Cresta’s Real-Time Intelligence: 6 Ways our Generative AI is Different

Cresta customers love that our all-in-one AI-powered platform drives tangible results for them; customers have described our technology as everything from a “game-changer” to “the technology of the future”. What matters most to our valued customers is that they have access to real-time insights that drive real-time actions and tremendous value, enabling their entire team of agents and managers to more efficiently and effectively do their jobs. 

But what’s behind Cresta’s all-in-one AI platform? How does it work and why is it different? 

What sets Cresta’s real-time intelligence apart

At Cresta, we have a deep bench of industry experts, dedicated to producing future-forward and future-proof capabilities for the enterprise. Cresta was founded by Stanford and early OpenAI researchers, and many members of the team previously worked on Google’s generative dialogue system LaMDA

A key benefit of Cresta is the power of our underlying AI platform – the Real-Time Intelligence Platform – which takes advantage of the latest research and advances in conversational AI, large language models, natural language understanding, and more. Central to the value of the platform is that, because customers don’t need to train language models, build dialog flows, or configure and maintain the platform, they can quickly implement and see results from the technology. We’re able to deliver bespoke solutions that are intuitive to use and that improve over time.

Comprehension vs. Keywords

Many of today’s AI systems rely exclusively on basic keywords and phrases to understand conversations, an approach that is woefully inadequate to accurately understanding the nuances of human conversations. AI needs to go further beyond keywords and phrases to understand meaning

Using the latest state-of-the-art natural language understanding (NLU) techniques, Cresta understands complex statements, emotions, sentiment, behaviors, and more. Powered by this technology, Cresta customers have access to a far deeper understanding of the conversations happening with their customers. This means smarter insights for managers, and more accurate, impactful, and real-time coaching for agents. 

Custom AI tailored to you

Any contact center knows that personalization is central to providing exceptional customer experiences. Similarly, Cresta understands that no two businesses are alike and that modern AI models must be crafted with the unique attributes of your business in mind. You can think about this through these two lenses: 

  1. Behaviors & Entities
    Our custom-built AI models accurately detect call reasons, unique behaviors, custom attributes, and key moments that are important to your business. This could be anything from detecting negative sentiment in a customer’s response to recalling critical account details that will help agents stay in compliance.
  2. Summaries
    Cresta creates custom summarization models that are tailored to your business’ tone and operations, ensuring that your team saves time and that you’re always running on the most accurate, up-to-date data.

Best-in-Class Transcription Accuracy

Quality is of utmost importance when it comes to conversational AI. As the saying goes: garbage in, garbage out. 

Cresta achieves 90-92% transcription accuracy

Just as Cresta understands that each business has its own unique needs, we also know that each business uses different words and phrases to operate. With that in mind, we customize our speech recognition models (STT/ASR) to accurately detect unique language and phrasing. This includes everything from product names, subscription offerings, business units, and more. Our custom approach to transcription allows us to offer industry-leading transcription accuracy – up to 92%.

Rapid AI Delivery

To accelerate the implementation process of our bespoke technology, our team uses AI Studio, a proprietary tool that allows us to build and deliver custom AI solutions in record time. With AI Studio, our team of AI delivery experts build custom AI models using tools and Machine Learning operations that resemble those used by organizations like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. 

Throughout solution design, testing, and deployment, our team takes a consultative approach and closely includes customers throughout the process. Ultimately: each customer gets AI models that are aligned to your business needs, language, and goals. 

No-Code AI

In some cases, customers might want to iterate and adapt Cresta’s AI on their own. Through a simple no-code interface, Cresta opens the AI black box and makes it easy for customers to create powerful AI-based coaching and monitoring. 

Admins are able to quickly configure powerful AI-based rules in minutes – simply tell Cresta key conversational moments to look out for and which accompanying actions to take, whether that’s coaching and guiding agents in real-time, notifying a manager, among many others. 

From there, customers can quickly learn what works – and iterate what doesn’t. 

Benefit from the Compounding Value of AI 

One of the biggest value drivers of Cresta? Our real-time AI platform gets better and smarter with time. As Cresta processes more conversations and learns more about the intricacies of your business, we understand which behaviors lead to positive outcomes. These insights are used to further tune Cresta’s models. With certain features continuously learning and self-improving, customers get compounding value, quarter over quarter. 

Average Handle Time
Customer care use case from a Fortune 500 software provider

Average Revenue per Conversation
Sales use case from a leading specialty retailer

Average Conversion Rate
Sales use case from a leading speciality retailer

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