Best Practices

A Three-Phased Guide to Happier Agents

As customer service agents grapple with high volume and increased pressure, it’s harder than ever to perform well. Agents who are good at their jobs are happier (and vice versa) — happy agents are less likely to leave. But long ramp times and short tenure mean many agents only achieve proficiency right before churning. Read this blog post to learn more why contact center should want to make their agents happy.

How Gamification Can Keep Your Contact Center Agents Engaged

Gamification is the secret to some of the most successful contact centers. It encourages reps to achieve goals, motivates them to be more productive, and makes them feel more fulfilled in their roles. The happier the employee, the better the customer experience.

How to Clone Your Best Agents (Ethically)

Cloning humans, while technically legal, is very, very not cool (ethically). But you can clone your top agent behaviors, 100% ethically, with AI-driven contact center training.

Why Transcription is Vital to Contact Center AI

No matter how rapidly contact center AI (CCAI) evolves, it’s important to understand it remains tethered to an easily overlooked factor — transcription accuracy — and it's crucial to understand why.

Contact center employee churn: How to stop the revolving door

Employee churn isn’t new — but today’s businesses are experiencing never-before-seen attrition levels. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employee turnover rates are at near-record levels across the U.S., including retail, healthcare, and the foodservice industry.

3 Compounding Benefits of AI-Driven, Real-Time Coaching

Cresta’s real-time coaching provides contact center agents with versatile coaching in-the-moment. By going beyond 1:1 coaching sessions and putting coaching into action during customer conversations, teams are able to unlock new levels of productivity.

Contact Center ROI: Transform Cost Centers into Value Centers

Like the call centers of yesteryear, modern customer service (CS) contact centers aren't known for being money makers for big brands. If anything, they're traditionally seen as cost centers, with a big focus placed on efficiency and cost savings. But CS leaders are challenging traditions as they continue to adapt to the pandemic rethink the contact center in the age of remote work.

Close the Retention Performance Gap with Real-Time Coaching

Our performance gap analysis of almost 20,000 conversations from a Fortune 50 software company revealed that top performers had a 65% higher retention rate than bottom performers. And through our additional analysis of 70,000 conversations from a leading telecom company, we determined that the bottom quartile performers had 42% more churn per conversation and 48% more lost revenue per conversation. These discrepancies in our metrics represent massive opportunities for retention teams.

The 4 “Magic” Behaviors that Close Sales Performance Gaps

We’ve identified a surprising gap in sales performance. We analyzed 340,000 sales conversations in Q1 2021 and discovered top performers generated $47 million in sales, compared to just $19 million by lower performers (~2.5x). So, what exactly made for such a huge gap between top and low sales performance?