4 Ways Porsche is Driving Best-in-Class Customer Experience

In case you missed it, last week Cresta Customer Success leader, Chris Reese, hosted a webinar with Porsche, featuring Customer Care manager Jeff Newman. You can download the recording and share with your team. Today we’ll be walking through some of the key takeaways from Jeff on how to foster rock-solid customer care and a best-in-class quality assurance program.  

Expectations on customer service have never been higher

As Jeff pointed out, customers are no longer comparing you only to the competitors in your industry anymore. Rather, they’re comparing you to other customer experiences they’ve had, regardless of industry or product.

As a brand, this means that you have to step your game up across the board. In Jeff’s example, a customer might wonder: ‘how can I easily order a $5 coffee ready for me to pick up, but my $150K car can’t do XYZ’. With customer expectations at an all-time high, companies must be thinking holistically about their brand values – and how to deliver on them, every single time. 

Value conversations over transactions

The idea of valuing conversations over transactions is a foundational one for Porsche. A driving question for Jeff’s team of customer care agents is: does the experience we’re delivering to customers feel like a distinctly Porsche experience?

As Jeff sees it, it should be a noticeably different experience; customers invest considerable money to engage with the Porsche brand, and that should be reflected in every experience they have. 

Engage your talent 

When asked how to ensure that your team is valuing conversations over transactions at scale, Jeff took it back to basics. In his experience, the most important things that a manager does take place in the hiring and training processes. From deeply understanding the right personnel profile for each role to honing the necessary steps to recruit and train this talent are all incredibly important components of building a team that delivers exceptional brand experiences. 

Invest in real-time intelligence 

Speaking candidly, Jeff expressed that he’d had concerns about generative AI technology turning his team of agents into ‘robots’. However, he was ‘changed’ when he saw Cresta’s real-time intelligence capabilities. Not only does Cresta’s technology enhance agents’ performance, but it also allows for a more representative and nuanced view of the conversations taking place, allowing him to better optimize resources as a manager.

Previously, Jeff was able to give his agents perhaps 5 formal sessions per month, based on 1-3 interactions out of a possible 250-500 interactions total. As Jeff pointed out, who wants to be scored on such an incredibly tiny percentage of their work performance? With Cresta, he has visibility into how conversations with customers are going, as they are happening, enabling him to immediately give feedback and foster his agents’ growth and performance. 


For more from Jeff, including his #1 challenge to companies when it comes to quality assurance and his best advice on how to best engage your team while implementing generative AI technology, check out the webinar replay and share with your team now! 

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