How Cox and Cresta partner to increase revenue

Case Study: How Cox and Cresta Partner to Increase Revenue and Transform the Digital Experience

Cresta is unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. Agents who use Cresta have much better conversion rates, more revenue, and better interactions with customers.

Kathleen Preston, Director of Digital Marketing & Sales

Cox, one of the top leaders in telecommunications, provides digital solutions from internet, phone, and cable to millions of customers throughout the United States. Cox needed a new way to deliver a seamless digital experience for their customers, more visibility into performance, and hit revenue goals.

That’s where Cresta stepped in. Cresta teamed up with Cox and helped them go above and beyond expectations by quickly surpassing goals and delighting their customers and employees. 

Download the case study to learn how Cresta helped Cox: 

  • 100-200% revenue attainment goals
  • Decrease new agent ramp time by 2 weeks
  • Uncover recent trends using conversational data

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