Revenue Growth

How to Build Differentiated CX in Financial Services

How can financial services leaders build better CX to foster a loyal customer base? In a complex industry growing more saturated, a few key opportunities to stand apart have emerged. We’ll outline the ways financial businesses can differentiate themselves, and highlight the ways Cresta can help. Read this blog post to learn more.

Contact Center ROI: Transform Cost Centers into Value Centers

Like the call centers of yesteryear, modern customer service (CS) contact centers aren't known for being money makers for big brands. If anything, they're traditionally seen as cost centers, with a big focus placed on efficiency and cost savings. But CS leaders are challenging traditions as they continue to adapt to the pandemic rethink the contact center in the age of remote work.

The 4 “Magic” Behaviors that Close Sales Performance Gaps

We’ve identified a surprising gap in sales performance. We analyzed 340,000 sales conversations in Q1 2021 and discovered top performers generated $47 million in sales, compared to just $19 million by lower performers (~2.5x). So, what exactly made for such a huge gap between top and low sales performance?