4 Sales Behaviors Proven to Increase Revenue and Drive Conversions

Just before the holidays, Cresta’s CMO, Scott Kolman and VP of Sales, Matt Mulqueen, joined together for a webinar: Using AI to Maximize Revenue and Boost Sales Conversion. During the webinar, Scott and Matt covered four key topics: 

  1. The sales performance gap – what it is, and what it’s costing your business every year
  2. How to uncover the key sales behaviors in your specific industry and organization that drive revenue 
  3. Four proven sales behaviors that increase sales across teams and industries 
  4. How to use AI to ensure that sales teams adhere to the playbook 

In today’s blog post, we are going to hone in on just one of the above: the four sales behaviors that are proven to increase sales and drive conversion rates. Through analyzing more than 340,000 inbound sales conversations across a variety of industries, we were able to uncover the key behaviors that top sales performers are doing, that most predict a value add for both customers and businesses. Without further ado, let’s get into what we found: 


A chief complaint about many customer call interactions is that they can take too long, with Average Handle Time (AHT) a key metric to track for many organizations. With that in mind, it’s critical that agents go into calls setting expectations, and quickly and accurately understanding customer’s needs and pains. When this happens, agents can effectively and quickly triage the call and get them the information and value they need. 

Assuming the Sale

Using confidence and assumptive language, this is all about the agent guiding the customer to the desired outcome. 


In any customer call, there are opportunities to introduce different product offerings, add-ons, or special deals. Sales reps who can provide value through maximizing upsell and cross-sell opportunities will drive revenue and increase conversions. Also critical to this is the ability to implement real-time coaching based on real-time insights

Objection Handling

There can be many reasons a customer calls in to a contact center, and oftentimes, that can relate to different concerns they have. Top-performing sales representatives will proactively and readily alleviate customer concerns and continue to move the conversation and deals forward. 

Adherence to specific identified behaviors is indicative of success and has direct correlation to an agent’s performance. We found that agents who follow these behaviors on each and every call are proven to earn 2.1x more revenue and convert 1.8x better than their peers. Adherence to the playbook has a direct positive result on success of those agents, predictably turning them into top performers. 

In the webinar replay, you’ll hear about how this is actually playing out for one of Cresta’s customers. You’ll learn how a US-based telecom company leveraged Cresta to help address declining revenue in the current macroeconomic environment. By following specific hints around home internet offerings as well as around different upsell accessories, the company was able to see a 300% lift in sales. Learn how Cresta helped them to determine specific and actionable ways to improve conversations and deliver value to the customer. 

To learn more about how Cresta’s approach helps to drive sales consistency, download the webinar replay and share with your team now!  

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