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Using AI to Maximize Revenue and Boost Conversion


Consistently growing sales is no easy task. It’s why businesses set up playbooks, processes, and training. But the reality is, the top 20% of reps still produce 80% of the revenue. Why is this the case? 

Join Cresta’s VP of WW Sales, Matthew Mulqueen, and VP of Marketing, Scott Kolman, as they talk about the challenges facing organizations today and the steps sales teams can take to elevate performance.

In this webinar we’ll discuss: 

  • What’s the Sales Performance Gap costing your businesses every year?
  • How to find the sales behaviors that really drive revenue
  • The Magic 4 sales behaviors that are proven to increase sales
  • How to use AI to ensure teams follow your playbook

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Presented by
  • Matthew Mulqueen

    VP of Sales, Cresta

  • Scott Kolman

    CMO, Cresta