conversational ai in telecom

Conversational AI for Telecom Customer Experience Elevation

For Telecom providers, customer experience is the key to success. Cresta helps teams efficiently deliver personalized care at scale. 

conversational ai in telecom
conversational ai for telecom

Build trust with subscribers.

Customers expect telecom services to just work. Living up to these expectations is not easy. Every interaction is an opportunity to build or lose a customer’s trust and must be handled with care. Cresta’s intelligence layer for customer conversations gives telecom teams the guidance and support they need to build lasting customer relationships.

Omnichannel expertise

Whether by chat or voice, Cresta equips teams with expert insights that guarantee a world-class telecom customer experience.

Bundle better

Help teams navigate complex product catalogs and recommend bundles that grow value for your customers and your business.

Consistency at scale

Help teams stay on-script and compliant with best practices and methodologies.

Improve productivity

Real-time guidance helps teams be more productive and radically improve customer satisfaction.

Uncover customer trends

Develop a rich understanding of your customer base by pulling in conversational insights from every customer interaction.

Keep customers longer

Address customer concerns with confidence and better match service offerings to customer needs.

Helping an Internet Service Provider Modernize Contact Center Operations

“I like Cresta because it allows me to knock out coaching way more efficiently”

– Scott Appleby, Sales Coach, Cox Communications