How Five9 and Cresta Work Together For Exceptional Customer Experiences

A few weeks back, we attended this year’s Contact Center Week (CCW) event in Las Vegas – and it was a packed week for us (read more about everything our team got up to here).

On one day on the event floor, Cresta’s Director of Customer Value, Chris Reese, joined Julian Tiongson, Manager of Product Marketing at Five9, for a conversation on how both Cresta and Five9 work to deliver exceptional customer experiences. 


Chris dives into Cresta’s ‘maniacal’ focus on how we provide value to our customers, across all possible touchpoints in a contact center environment, knowing that the contact center is more and more the ‘face’ of a business. 

With this in mind, we endeavor to make every individual in the contact center as good as possible at their jobs, so that they can in turn provide an exceptional experience to their customers, the end consumers. 

Chris and Julian dig into the specifics of how Cresta and Five9 partner to deliver experience, through the lens of one of our joint customers in the hospitality industry. When the company first implemented Cresta, we conducted a focus group with managers as a part of the launch process. Managers reported that they loved the ‘synergy’ between Five9 and Cresta, particularly when it came to the ability to get information to agents – and in turn, to customers – in real-time.

To learn more about the role that this AI-driven timeliness plays in coaching, and ultimately, the customer experience, check out the video above or on our YouTube channel here

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