Cresta and Five9: Teaming up to create the Intelligent Contact Center

Cresta and Five9: Teaming up to create the Intelligent Contact Center

Combining The Intelligent Cloud Contact Center with  Real-Time Intelligence, turning real-time insights into real-time results. 

​​What’s that saying about partnerships? “Stronger together”? We couldn’t agree more. 

As some of you might already know, in March 2022, Cresta announced its partnership with Five9, a leading provider of the cloud contact center. Five9’s market-leading cloud capabilities plus Cresta’s real-time AI platform now give organizations all the capabilities and features needed to support a modern, smart, and efficient contact center in one place.

“Five9 is committed to delivering a Collaborative Intelligence platform that helps our customers combine the strengths of human intelligence with real-time AI. This will amplify the abilities of contact center agents, supervisors, and managers by enabling them to combine human empathy and judgement with AI’s speed and efficiency. Our platform now powers our own suite of AI applications and provides our customers the ability to choose from a growing list of best-of-bread AI applications from partners like Cresta. This growing list of applications, available through our CX Marketplace, helps to future-proof our customers’ investment in Five9 by ensuring that there are solutions available to meet to their growing needs.”

Richard Dumas, VP Product Marketing, Five9

According to Five9, with Cresta’s partnership, companies can unlock “contact center experience-enhancing magic”. Leaders no longer have to wait for the end of a call to analyze and gain insights into their contact center performance. Instead, customers now have the content of what is being said between the agent and the customer analyzed and acted on in real-time to reduce friction in the customer experience, enhance real-time collaborative intelligence, and improve the overall customer and agent experience. 

The ROI of investing in AI for contact centers is a no-brainer, but as Five9 and Cresta CEO Zayd Enam emphasized in a recent interview, it comes down to a seamless product experience that provides excellent value. Zayd highlights, that at Cresta, we believe that AI = empowerment, starting with the agents, and Five9 agrees that “the Agent experience is a core pillar to the overall customer experience.” By providing tools starting at the agent level and cascading solutions upward through supervisors and leaders, Cresta’s holistic approach layers perfectly into Five9’s platform.

The benefits of folding Cresta into Five9’s intelligent cloud contact center platform are endless. One major benefit is defragmentation which is- the creation of a single, unified cloud intelligent solution that eliminates the need to have several applications floating around in the contact center ecosystem. Five9 VoiceStream provides for fast, secure, supported integration with Cresta, taking IT work out of the way and receiving benefits of the technologies immediately.

With Cresta, customers receive real-time AI that provides:

  • Real-time, Dynamic Agent Coaching (instead of after the fact)
  • Agent productivity tools like Smart Compose, Auto Note Taking, and Summarization
  • Guided Workflows, Knowledge Base Assist
  • Coaching Plans
  • QA and Scorecards
  • Real-time Live Manager Coaching and Alerts
  • Performance Insights and Leaderboards
  • Customer Insights and Topic Discovery
  • And much more!

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