Announcing Our Summer ’22 Release – Powering Insight to Action


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Today, we’re excited to announce our Summer 2022 Release, our biggest release yet. Over the last six months, our team has been hard at work expanding our vision for Real-Time Intelligence and looking for new ways to use AI to make your workforce 100x more effective.

As contact centers have become the front door for customer interactions, we’ve seen three trends unfold. First, business leaders are increasingly turning to AI to understand customer conversations and contact center performance. Second, modern contact centers are looking to use these insights to drive business strategy and action, whether that’s improving people performance or finding opportunities for automation. And third, contact centers are looking to use AI to close the feedback loop and continuously find opportunities to improve.

This release introduces our expanded Real-Time Intelligence Platform, a comprehensive portfolio of AI-powered products that seamlessly work together to improve contact center efficiency and effectiveness. These products close the gap between insight and action, empowering teams to achieve superhuman visibility, insight, and action on every conversation. 

Table of Contents

Cresta Insights: Uncover and Act on Business Insights

To start, we focused on better insights. Contact centers hold a treasure trove of conversational data, but surfacing meaningful insights from this data requires teams of analysts and weeks of work. When asked, business leaders said they were looking for deeper insights into their customers. 

Insights: Monitor trends and cluster and prioritize topics into meaningful categories. 

To solve this, we’ve created Cresta Insights, which provides business leaders with interactive real-time customer intelligence from every conversation. Dig into every conversation to understand things like emerging customer trends, common customer objections, the correlation between outcomes and agent behavior, and much more. Using state-of-the-art NLU, Cresta Insights can also uncover new topics, in real-time as they emerge, and cluster them into meaningful categories.

To learn more, read our Cresta Insights Solution Brief.

Cresta Opera: Put Insights into Action with No-Code AI

With Insights identified, modern contact centers need a way to put these insights into action. To help with this, we’ve built Cresta Opera, the command center for Cresta’s Real Time Intelligence Engine. Cresta Opera opens the AI black box and makes it easy for managers to create powerful AI-based coaching and monitoring through a simple no-code interface in a matter of minutes. 

Cresta Opera: Create powerful AI-based rules with a few simple clicks.

At the heart of Cresta Opera is a powerful Trigger and Action decision framework, which works like a simple If-Then Statement. Business users can select from pre-configured AI Triggers and a broad list of Actions in a few clicks. For example, you could have Cresta Agent Assist coach an agent to practice empathy every time a customer is upset, or receive an alert if an agent doesn’t read a compliance clause. Managers can choose to apply rules to specific agents or entire contact centers, making it easy to deliver personalized coaching at scale. You can even configure custom AI Triggers. 

Cresta Agent Assist: Increase Agent Productivity

One of the primary ways Cresta puts insights into action is through Agent Assist. Cresta has always offered one of the most comprehensive Agent Assist offerings in the market, and our latest enhancements take this a step further, freeing agents’ hands and minds to focus on the customer. 

Cresta Agent Assist is focused on making agents faster and more effective. When we surveyed agents, we found note-taking, call summaries, and searching for answers was hurting agent focus and productivity. Agents spend an average of 45 seconds on after-call work while top agents can find answers to customer questions twice as fast as their peers. To solve this, we’ve released two new capabilities for Cresta Agent Assist. 

Improve Efficiency With Assisted AutomationAuto Summarization

Auto Summarization: Capture notes and summarize conversations to improve accuracy and reduce cognitive load for agents.

First is Assisted Automation, which includes Auto Summarization and Auto Note Taking. These features help agents focus on the customer, work faster, and improve disposition accuracy. Cresta captures notes and summaries directly in the agent interface during a conversation. After a conversation, Cresta creates a summary of the call or chat. And with AutoFill, these notes can easily be sent to third-party business applications like CRMs and ticketing tools. 

To learn more, read our Auto Summarization Solution Brief.

Faster Access to Answers With Knowledge Assist

Next, to make it easier for agents to quickly customer questions without having to switch between tools, we’ve built Knowledge Assist, a powerful set of knowledge management features packed into a simple AI-powered search experience. Agents can enter a search term (or Cresta will suggest one) and Cresta will use the context of the conversation to search across all existing knowledge bases to find the perfect article, passage, or workflow to solve a customer question. 

Knowledge Assist

Knowledge Assist: Cresta Knowledge Assist helps agents quickly find relevant information.

We’ve also created Guided Workflows, which use dynamic step-by-step instructions to guide agents through common customer issues. Managers can easily maintain Guided Workflows through a simple drag-and-drop manager interface. 

Guided Workflow Builder

Guided Workflow Manager: Quickly create dynamic step-by-step instructions for common issues.

To learn more, read our Knowledge Assist Solution Brief.

Cresta Director: Accelerate Coaching and Quality Assurance

We haven’t forgotten about the managers. For the Summer 2022 Release, we focused on giving managers better visibility into team performance and providing them better tools to coach and manage teams at scale. 

Improved Performance Insights

First, we’ve improved Performance Insights to give richer visibility into team performance. Performance Insights goes beyond traditional KPIs and metrics and uses AI to measure whether agents are following key behaviors and soft skills during conversations. With this unique lens on agent behavior, along with traditional KPIs and QA scores, Cresta can more accurately identify top performers and those agents who need some extra help. 

Accelerate Quality Assurance (QA) and Conversation Reviews

We’ve also simplified the QA and conversation review process. Now, managers can jump to key moments in transcripts, leave in-line feedback and comments, and fill out QA scorecards, all through a simple and intuitive user interface. 

Create Personalized Coaching Plans

Coaching Plans

Coaching Plans: A home for agents and managers to collaborate on continued performance improvement.

We’ve improved the 1-on-1 coaching experience with Coaching Plans and Live Assist. Cresta creates a personalized Coaching Plan for each agent. These plans pull in an agent’s AI-powered coaching metrics, QA scores, and manager feedback into a single page where managers and agents can collaborate. Managers can leave feedback, tag conversations, and even share examples from top performers so agents can learn by example.

Help Agents During Live Conversations 

Today’s remote agents can no longer wave down their manager from across the room when they need mid-call assistance. Live Assist lets managers and agents collaborate freely through a simple messaging experience. Agents can raise their hand and ask managers for help, and managers can receive alerts and respond directly through Cresta or in Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Live Assist

Live Assist: Managers can collaborate with agents through Cresta, Microsoft Teams, or Slack.

Coach at Scale With Cresta Opera

In addition to improving the 1-on-1 coaching experience, we’ve made it easier for managers to coach at scale. With Cresta Opera, Managers can now easily manage Cresta Agent Assist’s real-time coaching and guidance. In a matter of minutes, managers can create and deploy powerful AI-powered coaching to a single agent or an entire contact center. Easily amplify the best practices of top performers with a few simple clicks. 

To learn more about Cresta Director, read our Solution Brief.

Cresta Chatbot: Take the Guesswork Out of Automation

Last but certainly not least is Cresta Chatbot. In today’s macroeconomic climate, more and more businesses are looking to self-service chatbots as a way to contain costs and reduce agent fatigue while still improving customer experience. But businesses struggle to identify which chatbot use cases to prioritize and how to build and maintain them over time. 

Cresta Chatbot

Cresta Chatbot: Find the best use cases for automation and quickly deploy chatbots that are proven to work. 

Our newest offering, Cresta Chatbot, takes the guesswork out of chatbot development. Using Cresta Insights, we identify the best use cases for automation and use AI-enabled design tools and top agent data to build chatbots that are proven to work. 

Because Cresta Chatbot is built on Cresta’s Real-Time Intelligence Platform, can easily identify which use cases are best suited for agents and which are best suited for chatbots, freeing agents to focus on the use cases that matter. 

Read our Chatbot Solution Brief to learn more. 

Bringing it All Together

As you can see, we’ve been busy this year. All of the features mentioned in this post are available today. And there’s much more behind the scenes! From faster implementations, to platform improvements, to our expanding Cresta Partner Network, to continued investments in our enterprise-grade security and data privacy program.

With this release, Cresta takes another step towards becoming the most flexible and comprehensive contact center AI platform on the market. But this is just the beginning! If you’d like to see our platform in action, sign up for our Summer 2022 Release Live Webinar on August 23rd or get in touch today.