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Summer ‘22 Product Release Webinar - Powering Insight to Action


Contact centers have become the front door for customer interactions. Contact centers are increasingly turning to AI to surface insights from conversations and drive business strategy and action. Action that can span pre-call automation, during-call agent assistance, and after-call coaching and quality assurance. But fragmented platforms and complex solutions make moving from insight to action nearly impossible. 

Join Cresta’s Product Team to learn how our Summer 2022 Release enables modern contact centers to move from insight to action and usher in a new era of contact center productivity while delivering a faster and better customer experience. 

You’ll learn: 

  • About Cresta’s newest products, Cresta Insights and Cresta Chatbot
  • How Cresta’s no-code AI console democratizes AI for business users
  • How to make agents 33% more efficient per conversation 
  • How Managers can create personalized coaching plans for every agent

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Presented by
  • Ping Wu

    CEO, Cresta

  • Josh Levin

    Director of Product Management, Cresta

  • Akhil Talwar

    Product Manager, Agent Solutions

  • Kevin Chang

    Head of Generative AI Solutions, Cresta